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Dragonmaw Pass divides the land of Ancaria like the former Berlin Wall.

If a player crosses the dragonmaw pass through the big doors (strangely in west-east direction) an officer Schaboffski will give them 100 coins when he is spoken too. This is confirmed for German versions but not yet for other localized versions of the game.

Before German re-union each visitor from eastern Germany received a present of 100 German marks when visiting West Germany. This was called Begrüßungsgeld (welcome money).

Günter Schabowski (probably the name giver for the officer) was the politician who said, when asked in an international life interview, when the wall would be opened: 'As far as I know, right now'. He was informed that it was going to be opened but not that it should take place a day later, so the border guards had no knowledge about this opening 'right now'.

In the US version, the name has been changed slightly to Shabbovsky. Here's Office Shabbovsky mugging for the camera while on the job.

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