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In Blessed Rock Manor you can find the below services. See Map Icons:




The Blessed Rock Manor is a very big mansion placed in eastern Tyr Lysia, property of Lord Gemma, a rich landowner known all around the High Elf region. The mansion is surrounded by gardens all around, and also has an auxiliary building for the servants, as well as a small land extension where they work at. The heroes of Ancaria can meet lots of people here, as it is placed in a very crowded road that is used by all travelers from Thylysium to the eastern lands and back.

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Quests & NPC's

Epic Office Quest

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Walking west from Teardrop Hamlet town portal is the usual and quickest way to reach the Blessed Rock Manor. Alternatively there is a monolith to the west, following the way that leads to Thylysium, which can be used if it is enabled.


Plenty of enemies surround the Blessed Rock Manor, mainly wild animals, pirates and undead.

The following enemies will be found near the mansion: rodents, dark rodents, small snappers, spiders, archers, sailors and captains of the Bluestone Pirates, and undead centurions and reservists.

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