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In Bluestonbury you can find the below services. See Map Icons:



Bluestonbury is a small quiet town north east in Tyr Lysia, washed by north west waters of the Bluestone Lake. Nothing interesting happens here; only some Thylysium wealthy people on vacation.

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Epic Office Quest

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Much to a player's dissapointment, no portals or monoliths can be found near Bluestonbury. Travel to Bluestonbury from Clearview by traveling through forests, or from Teardrop Hamlet, following the coastal road north. There is a boat/portal in Bluestonbury docks which leads to a thieves nest east of Blustonbury on the north shore of Bluestone Lake. This nest of thieves is involved with the Dragon Mage's class quests And the Second... and Barthus. It is also the home of James Mearman who is involved in the Epic Office Quest.


Interesting Photos

A main view of Bluestonbury
Bluestonbury access
View from the mountains
Houses and a boat being repaired
Bluestonbury docks
The Bluestonbury tavern

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