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The Lost Diaries of Magus Elohinir

Book 2

12. Tyrbor 129

Windy, rain
The temperature artifact reads 9 fingers

New apprentice has arrived. He is a small, rather stupid runt called Naithyl. He is typical for the type of youth one sees in the cities these days – he wears his hat back-to-front and dresses in over-sized leggings. I think I shall have a lot of work with this one…

Word has come that I should expect important visitors from Thylysium. Erzmagus Fionor arrives tomorrow to inspect Naythil’s lodgings. What he truly hopes to inspect is my wine cellar!

Note: Naithyl! The apprentice is called NAITHYL!
Note: Tell Cookie to hide the wines in one of the outhouses!

14. Tyrbor 129

The temperature artifact reads 3 fingers

Fionor has departed. A short visit - moving the wines was just the trick!

Have begun instructing the new apprentice – he is as gormless as he is recalcitrant. He knows everything better – of course! – but cannot master even the simplest of runes. I will give him three more days, before sending him back to Thylysium. I have no intention of wasting my time on such a detestable little toad!

The kitchen window is broken. Sat in a draft all day. Not good!

Note: Wines must be moved back to the wine cellar!

5. Tyrbor 129

The temperature artifact reads 6 fingers

I have caught a cold! Woke up with a fever, a sore throat and an aching head!

Can barely get out of bed, slept most of the day! Cookie wanted to rub some kind of “old remedy” on my back! I have no idea what it was, but it smelt like rotten goat’s cheese. I would rather die than have something so foul smeared upon my naked body! Cookie was in a sulk.

16. Tyrbor 129


Still in bed. Fever is worsening. I cannot think straight. Thirsty. I am ravaged by thirst. I must be dying!!!! Have instructed Cookie on what is to be done should I pass away. She laughed and mumbled something about menfolk. Well, she will soon see what she gets for that!

17. Tyrbor 129

My death nears. I can feel Death stalking me. Farewell, sweet Ancaria!

19 Tyrbor 129

The temperature artifact reads 1 hand and 8 fingers

Fever has subsided. I feel refreshed and healthy again. Cookie refuses to believe that my talk of death was nothing but a harmless joke. How simple-minded women are! They truly believe whatever we menfolk say!

Spent the whole day instructing the apprentice. Oh, how tiresome! Why does the academy insist on sending me such useless wretches?

Note: Tell Cookie to repair the kitchen window!

21 Tyrbor 129

The temperature artifact reads 1 hand and 3 fingers

Caught the apprentice playing magic cards again! These killer games are a plague! No wonder so many students at the academy run riot!

Need a new homunculus – the old one has dissolved into dust. 3 years… a ripe old age for a muncle. Must find my book of incantations. I cannot quite remember the chant. Must be getting old…

Read a most interesting article in Magic User Magazine on the practice of altering the dimensions of lodgings and study halls! Not the easiest of spells, but were it to work, well…

Note: Must find my book of incantations for creating homunculi!

25 Tyrbor 129

Cool and windy
The temperature artifact reads 1 hand and 1 finger

That good-for-nothing apprentice tried to animate a broom!!! The entire broom closet was on the move! Cookie ran away screaming with fright!

I gave him a serious talking to - that young rascal!

Note: Chocolates and flowers for Cookie!

27. Tyrbor 129

The temperature artifact reads 4 fingers

My visit to Cookie was fruitless. She took the chocolates and threw me out. She will not return as long as the apprentice is still in the house. I will wait a week longer – sometimes women calm down after a while. So they say.

The apprentice is now meek and anxious to please.

Found my book of homunculi incantations! I really must clean up the library. Have begun the summoning – will be finished three days from now.

Note: Ask Cookie … Oh, that’s right…

31. Tyrbor 129

Very cold
The temperature artifact reads 1 finger

Day 6 post-Cookie. Ordered apprentice to wash the dishes and clean the house. We have had nothing to eat but dried meat for days now! This cannot go on much longer!

Finished summoning new homunculus. Albino! (Add more color next time?)

Have begun to alter the dimensions of the house. The west wing of the library is now five times as big as before! I got lost the first time I went in! Once one has altered the dimensions of a room in this manner the exits become quite difficult to find.

Note: Make exit signs for library!

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