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In Brigand Camp 1 (Tyr Lysia) you can find the below services. See Map Icons:




The Brigand Camp (South of Tyr Lysia) is southeast of Sloeford, between the Monastery of Light, the Shadowy Catacombs, the Celioth's Tower and The Sleepy Badger.

It's a very small quiet place with just a couple of houses and a merchant.

There are three side quests that begin here. They can be started by talking to the respective quest givers listed below.

Nimantus the Lumberjack is also involved in another quest that ends here.

Locate the Brigand Camp 1 (Tyr Lysia) on the Ancaria Interactive Map

Quests & NPC's

Side Quests


The Brigand Camp can be reached by taking the south east road from Sloeford. Follow the road that leaves the town in that direction.

If you have the Happy Cow Farm monolith activate, simply walk over to the other side of the cow barn where the small goblin camp is and cross the bridge on the other side of the camp. This logging camp is a little way north from that bridge.

There is a monolith in front of the Camp, so if it's activated for you that will be the quickest way to go there.


The enemies that can be found here are brigands, and some wolves nearby.

Interesting Photos

Main view of the camp
Merchants are everywhere!
A small house in the camp
Another small house


  • The Brigand Camp is near the starting locations for the Seraphim, the High Elf, and the Shadow Warrior. This camp is the first place each of these three player characters will find on his or her journey.
  • This one should have been called a logging camp instead of a brigand camp. The game lists it as a brigand camp which may be a little confusing.

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