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West of the jungle region you will find two islands. In the southern part of the southern of the two islands you'll find a cave in what appears to be an old crater.

Upon entering this cave you will be able to browse the best that the Ancarian auto industry has to offer. All vehicles on offer are ecologically friendly (probably), thanks to new advances in T-Energy propulsion systems, and all come with special shielding the prevents the horrible mutation of the occupants (hopefully). No more riding on the back of a tiger, when you can cruising the streets of Thylyium in a new set of wheels.

(Note: you can't actually buy the anything (unfortunately))

(More Notes: The vehicles found here are also themselves Easter Eggs. There is the camper used in the Epic Office Quest, the DeLorean from Back to the Future, Fred Flintstone's car, a Volkswagen dunebuggy, Rob Zombie's Dragula, Zed's Chopper from Pulp Fiction, the first car designed and built by Dr. Ferdinand Porsche - the 1901 hybrid electric/diesel Loehner-Porsche Mixte, and lastly, the Mercedes-McLaren Formula 1 car that debuted as their official team car around the time of Sacred 2 development, with Michael Schumacher as a team driver. Mercedes-Benz officially re-entered Formula 1 on the competitive racing side of things in 1989 as a team co-owner, but had already been paired with the Swiss company Sauber in the World Prototype Class (F3 cars) for some years prior. They had been out of Formula 1 racing since 1957 as other than an engine supplier due to a deadly multi-car accident during the 1955 24 Hrs of Le Mans that killed 83 bystanders and the Mercedes-Benz driver.)

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