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Cavalier Temple Guardian - Horse whisperer

By D-molisher

Uf long live his memory - he fell to no repot and a small red scorpion champ. Poisoned and dropped dead while emergency closing game. lvl 80. Remaking him and no testing this time. he he . I know which order to do what now.

Riding max important since it is your main ca focus, and gives nice stuff as mastery:

Mount combat arts + 267,8 % dmg. Yes you do way better horse ca dmg with mastery.

Horse lvl 96, ya higher pony lvl = more hp and better stats.

Mount speed +18,4 %, and it get higher every point after lvl 75.

The Hp bonus for horse was around 36 %, also raises every point.

These stats was at lvl 75 - with mastery riding and 3 riding relics & reflect charger.

Your riding lore are ... Concentration - so max it.

It makes your horse CA regen faster.

There are 2 charger horses you want :

Reflect close combat one - picture:

Block Combat art one - Got it finally

Other 2 types chargers:

Block projectiles - picture:

Damage mitigation , phys - picture :

Important - horse traders always got same horse types.

I usually buy a fast horse in elf outpost and ride artamark and buy a charger block close-combat horsy. ASAP in bronce since lower lvl in human zone.

It got 3 CA:

Charge - got a stunn and are hard to hit with till you learn to time it.

Best are click behind monster so you ride to it. The fire charge close to him - use w key to run into him , after you fire ca.

And most likely you will miss first times, because you fire it to early or too late.

But when it hits - you stunn large crowds. My best was around 15 monsters stunned for around 5 secs.

Nr 2 CA are Leap, and you cannot jump longer with it - no matter how high lvl it gets. Good to cross rivers or obstackles with - cannot jump up in hight though.

Nr 3 CA are Rear up, Hardhit with each front hoof. Good on champs .

Your skills needed to make a good TG horse or any other class:

lvl 1 armor lore - use 5 points in start. We need constitution now like yesteday.

lvl 2 riding wait till later with points. After maxed constitution use points here .

lvl 5 constitution. max it get mastery now - like yesterday.

lvl 8 weap lore - get it mastery - with riding.

lvl 12 some magic lore or whatever 5 points - we need concentration.

lvl 18 concentration use rest points here. This is needed mastery as lvl 85 or well we will have long ca time and might get in trouble.

Next i would get tactics and only give it 1 point, rest from all skills bonus from ½ set TG.

All else is up to you folks....

This is tool build / rune farmer / get ep mastery and have a Mf runner.

The points:

Start lvl to lvl 30 - all points in vitality.

We need hp now, and hp regen. after lvl 30 all str points.

Killing monsters.

In start you need alot pots, till you get a horse.

Lvl 1 run to highelf outpost - buy fast horse.

Then go kill kobolds till lvl 5.

Then bronce, go artamark get charger reflect horse.

Relog to silver - use start cave get to human area. Go kill animals near boar.

After lvl 12 go grunwald. Also you might considder doing some of the quests outside.

Kill kill and get lvl 45, after that go where ever you like.

But do remember without horse we are kind of weak ( less hp and no ca) - exept on debuffers.

We dont have buff or use a ca - and they tend to focus on trying franticly to debuff you wink.gif

When i ride around after lvl 30. I dont use battery only weapon - dont slot battery unless ranged attackers.

Way better weap dmg, and alot faster attack. Besides some horses are faster than class mounts.

When riding mastery all rides are faster speed bonus - meep meep ( roadrunner )

Slotting :

Get gold dmg in battery and weapons.

Rest items - use ½ defence and and rest what you like - i use xp or mf gear.

The sets:

Get 3 parts or 4 mini set Lumens or Guardian of light. The bonus for 3 parts are evade % and reflect close combat.

Rest 4 parts any large set. Get the all skills bonus for that.

The hafted weaps of pwnage:

Hammer of heroes, it got + % to str.

Nadjiis splitter, got highest + % to str and super rare. The Tg pwnage weapon.

Lvl 80 rider was using Nadjiis splitter lvl 90- it had + 13,8 % str. Thx soo much for giving me it - even if your main Tg could have used it MyLittlePony

You rock.

The swords. well actually forgot what Llama8 said:

So find him & ask politely if you wanna go swords.

His boss grind video, from gold :

His Kami video from sunday, ancestors :

His Kami video from sunday, 4 nameless guardians:

Making new got lvl 12... THX for start kick off Viper - love you.

No time to write more want to find that block all ca for pics.

THX for answering all ( dumb) questions and helping me making this funn tool build:




Originally published at DarkMattersfor review and discussion.

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