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In Clearview you can find the below services. See Map Icons:









The town of Clearview is situated strategically between the north frontier to the Human Lands and Thylysium. This makes Clearview to be a very busy crossing point, so it has all usual services in town as taverns, merchants, blacksmith and runemaster.

As the town is built in the top of a hill, it offers nice landscape views. The town is surrounded by a river which travels from east to west crossing Clearview at its south edge.

Clearview has a military camp very near, just leaving the town towards north. There is also a very perturbing battlefield there, and to the east it can be found the Clearview Ruins.

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Quests & NPC's

Epic Office Quest

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You can reach Clearview just following the road that leaves Thylysium to the north. You can also travel there using the portal nearby or the monolith if you have it in active status. You are not directly led here in the main campaign, but you may cross Clearview when going to the north frontier with the Human Lands.


You can find here almost any type of undead skeletons: Skeleton Warriors, Undead Auxillars, Undead Centurions, Undead Legionnaires, Undead Reservists and Undead Tribunes.

But also some wild animals wander in the nearby woods, like rats and rodents, and even some spiders.

Interesting Photos

A defense tower in Clearview
The Runemaster's keep
Clearview tavern and a house
A nice town house
Two houses in Clearview
Military camp map
The military camp
The battlefield next to the military camp


  • Be sure you are prepared to fight tons of undead here, especially for low level characters. You will find lots and lots in the nearby forests.
  • You can find an extra merchant and runemaster in the military camp, north from Clearview.

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