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The CM Patch requires Sacred 2: Ice and Blood to be fully patched to 2.65.1 or greater for it to install. It is not compatible with Sacred 2: Fallen Angel (any version) or the base installed version of Ice and Blood (2.64.0).

The CM Patch's system requirements are identical to those of Ice and Blood 2.65.1 or greater.

What the CM Patch installer does...

The CM Patch replaces certain files that were installed by the Sacred 2: Ice and Blood installation program and modified by the patches (2.65.1 and/or 2.65.2). It does not change the executable files nor the libraries (DLLs) included with the game.

Installing or Removing the CM Patch

After you've downloaded the CM Patch, you will need to unzip the file. You can do that using Windows' native ZIP file feature or you can use a utility like WinZip or 7Zip. You will find two files inside the ZIP archive.

- CM-Enable.exe
- CM-Disable.exe

To install, make sure Sacred 2 is properly shut down all the way. Do not attempt to install the patch while the game is running! Then you simply need to run the CM-Enable.exe file. As long as Sacred 2:Ice and Blood is properly installed and patched, the CM-Patch will back up the existing files that get changed and the installer will then put the proper replacements into the game folders.

To remove the CM-Patch, make sure the game is not running and then run the CM-Disable.exe program. This will remove the modified files and will restore the original files.

Getting Updates

The latest version of the CM Patch can always be found on this thread on DarkMatters. Click the link in the middle of the post to download the file.

New versions are released typically every few months - or when a fairly major bug is found in a released version as was the case with version 0094. Check back for new releases regularly.

Upgrading to a New Version of the CM-Patch

Before installing a newer version of the CM-Patch, be sure to run the CM-Disable.exe program that came with the currently installed version of the patch. Then, and only then, proceed with extracting the updated version and installation.

Note: As of version 0094, the CM-Enable program from the newer version will update a previous version of the CM-Patch.

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