Sacred 2:Danse Macabre

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This unique javelin will only drop if you have the Community Patch installed.

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Item Modifiers


  • Design Notes: "This beautiful but dangerous trident turns the wielder's movements into a battle dance, which greatly increases his fighting prowess. A fighter who finds this weapon would never miss his target and would be able to find a breach even in fine armor. But the most valuable ability the fighter can gain by performing the dance of Death, is of course to channel opponents' life energies and to use them to strengthen himself."
  • This weapon was loosely based on Channeler's Trident from Dark Souls, or rather on a special property of this weapon - it granted its wielder a unique "dance" battle move which greatly increased the power of attacks. Chattius' Sohei guide to polearm Dragon Mage served as another inspiration for a polearm that can be useful for specialized and hybrid characters alike.