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In Dark Army Camp you can find the below services. See Map Icons:

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The Dark Army is a ruthless and savage entity bent on terrorizing the surrounding area and razing villages all in the name of the (Un)Holy Crusade. Lately they have become bold enough to attack and lay siege to Kufferath Castle.

Locate Dark Army Camp on the Ancaria Interactive Map

Quests & NPC's

The Unholy Crusade quest begins when you come across a battle already in progress and kill some of the Dark Army. You will find an injured loyalist soldier, and talking to him initiates the chain quest


Artamark's Gate monolith and head south or the Skook's Corner monolith and head north. Closest portal is at Kufferath Castle. Head east from the castle.


As you would expect the Dark Army (Archers, Mages, Paladins and Temple Knights) are the predominant foe encountered


The Dark Army's emblem, which appears on their flags, armor and shields, is two crossed, flaming swords. This is appropriate, as the knights of the Dark Army literally wield flaming swords. The symbol bears a suspicious resemblance to the DeMordrey coat-of-arms.

Flag heraldry 009.jpg
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Interesting Photos

Dark Altar/Shrine
Front Gate
Village Ruins #1
Village Ruins #2
Village Ruins #3


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