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Darth Sion - Inquisitor Guide

By ryanrocker1217

Here's a build for you people to criticize, praise, glance over, or whatever you wanna do with it

Let me first start by saying I have not taken this build to Niob yet, currently in early platnium and kicking butt. I hope someone can continue this character into Niob and report some feedback for everyone. No deaths so thats definitely a positive so far. This is an all-around aspect build that can use all three aspects efficiently, allowing for fun gameplay. I've always liked the cool looking mount so I incorporated that into my build as well. This build eventually uses three buffs and fully utilizes all three aspects, with more of a focus on Astute Supremacy and Gruesome Inquisition. So without further ado...Meet Darth Sion, my Spider Ridin' Demon of Death

  • #1-Skills
  • #2-Attributes
  • #3-Combat Arts and Modifications
  • #4-Combos
  • #5-Buffs


  • Level 2: Astute Supremacy Lore- This extra damage and mods from this skill will provide a good base at early levels for our character. It also improves cast speed so we don't have to watch the animation like we're in slow motion here. We take this in the early levels because our main combo- Clustering Maelstrom and Levin Array- needs a little damage boost as the game progresses. Without this skill the AS tree would stay less powerful than we want it to. Boy, do we like power.
  • Level 3: Dual wield- We like dual wielding don't we? :) I've always had dual wielding on a character that could have it, and because the inquisitor is one of the few characters who can pick this skill as a primary skill, we pick this in the early levels too. This will increase our damage output by being able to dual wield TWO weapons and not just ONE. Damage, damage, damage...
  • Level 5: Nefarious Netherworld Focus- This will decrease the regen times on our NN skills and will allow us to mod this aspect. The main reason we pick this skill is to have an all around build. I've never been a big fan of this aspect, but it does have some hander debuffers and cool CA's that we can use when we get bored :whistle:
  • Level 8: Astute Supremacy Focus- This will decrease the regen times for AS CA's and allow more mod points. We pick this skill because we want to keep doing our amazing combos and being able to spam Levin Array is wicked cool.
  • Level 12: Concentration- 2 buffs at the beginning and then 3 at mastery; this will help our build both defensively and offensively.
  • Level 18: Gruesome Inquisition Focus- this will decrease GI regen times and add mod points for this aspect. This will also allow us to spam the powerful CA's in this aspect. Because we're dual wielding, some of these CA's even get two hits. The more damage we can dish out, the better.
  • Level 25: Armor Lore- This will start on the defensive part of our build. Higher armor class, better armor rating and a decrease in our armor penalty= sweet. This is a very good skill that should be included in every build. It helps so many things that it will be a must for our slightly lacking defensive build.
  • Level 35: Constitution- Extra hitpoints can never hurt, and for our Inquisitor they are very welcome. Eventually we will have HP regen in combat.
  • Level 50: Tactics Lore- Will add damage output to our GI CA's, weapons, and mods for GI. This will increase the damage we deal with our dual wield weapons, so you know the story by now. More damage=better. After some research, look at the option below.
  • Level 50: Toughness- After reading many articles about damage mitigation, especially a very good one by soldats, I think this build could have a suggested change. While questing in the wastelands I was mobbed by those alien looking dudes that look like they came outta AVP. Was riding on my mount, and the mount died, and I survived after popping health pots. Manange to kill them all but this near death experience does not make me happy. Toughness being picked here might provide a better defensive end to the build. If you are all about damage though, go for Tactics.
  • Level 65: [size=3]FREE SKILL PICK[/size]

Optional Skill Pick Level: At level 65 you can take whatever skill you like and what will benefit your personal build the most. I choose Riding because I like my mount but you may choose whatever floats your boat. (Or whatever floats your build should I say...)


  • Vitality- 70%- Our survivability is very important, and this will go very nicely with constitution
  • Intelligence- 30%- Just a little bit of points here to boost some of our CA's

[size=3][font="Impact"]#3-Combat Arts and Modifications[/font][/size]

bleed->lacerate->judgement- Bleed for the damage over time, lacerate for the decrease in base hitpoint values, and judgement for the critical hits

ire->petrify->frenzy- ire for extra damage, petrify for the chance to stun, and frenzy for the double hit

Disgrace- only modify this to bronze because it is not as helpful as some of our other CA's we need to modify

For this CA i think all the choices are based on personal playing experience so those can be up to you.

Mystic->Eradicate->Hallow- Mystic adds magic damage, eradicate increases chance for hits, and hallow increases the damage output. Upon research into the defensive mechanics of the game, I have also realized that inure could be more effective for those who want a little extra safety with their build. So, if you want more offensive go with hallow, for more defensive go with inure.

Disperse->Hesitation->Dynamic- Disperse for the increased angle (tested elongation and seems less effective, though I've heard otherwise), hesitation decreases attack speed, and dynamic increases the chance for crits

Gravitation->Vortex->Vortex- Gravitation adds damage, and the two vortex mods increase the range of this CA immensely

Incentive->Domination->Companion- Incentive for the increased defense and attack values, domination for the astute supremacy aspect being added to our doppelganger, and companion to make this a buff

Sphere->Counterblow->Evade- Sphere for small AoE damage, counterblow for melee reflection, and evade for increased defense value

Spite->Deprivation->Stimulate- Spite for increased duration, deprivation to make this a strong debuffer, and stimulate to increase the rest of our CA regen times

Effort->fanatic->probation- effort to increase the damage dealt faster, fanatic increases attack values of companions, and probation lengthens the lifespan of the companions



  • 1st- Reverse Polarity- to make the build a bit more defense, and to add melee reflect which will will reflect tons of damage at higher difficulty levels. Also, the sphere upgrade might not seem like much, but it provides a very good passive AoE damage effect.
  • 2nd- Purifying Chastisement [size=4]OR[/size] Soul Reaver- If you like damage go for Purifying Chastisement; If you like more defense and a small bonus to attack go for Soul Reaver
  • 3rd- Zealous Doppelganger- Very weak at lower levels, but put a few runes on him and he'll be a nice asset to our build.

[size=4][font="Impact"]Final Thoughts[/font][/size] It's been awhile since I first posted this build and have learned a large deal about the game that has helped builds I do in the future. While I feel that this was a very capable build, I feel that the following changes might make for a stronger character. I recommend taking the following skills is your a min/max type of player and want to really squeeze the juice out of this build.

Originally published at DarkMattersfor review and discussion.

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