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Sacred 2 features six Deities, one of which the player must choose when making a new character before embarking upon a Sacred 2 Game in this order:

  • Pick your God

Not all of the Gods can be chosen by all of the characters. After the character chooses between the Campaign of Light or The Campaign of Shadows, the range of Deities available will become highlighted. The Seraphim can only choose from the Gods of Light (Lumen, Kybele, Forens), while the Inquisitor can only choose from the Gods of Shadow (Ker, Testa, Kuan). Ker can only be chosen by a character who has chosen the Path of Shadows, while Lumen can only be chosen a character on the Path of Light. There are no limitations regarding choices with any of the other Gods. Each of the gods will bestow upon the character a Divine Gift (additional Combat Art) which can be used immediately.

The Deities

Lumen Icon.png
The God of Light (Exclusive Light)

He makes all things visible. He is a healer and knows what has been and what will be.

Divine Gift: Dazzle – Divine lightning blinds all those who are near. Dazed by its glistening light, they are briefly unable to move. The effect is even more severe against some powers of evil. They will combust instantly and burn in the cleansing light of Lumen!

Kybele Icon.png
Goddess of Nature and Life Force (Light)

Kybele's healing hand blesses all allied creatures. Their wounds disappear, their pain vanishes.

Divine Gift: Infusion – For a brief period their souls are strengthened by Kybele's divine blessing so that all attacks against them fail.

Forens Icon.png
Goddess of Philosophy and Wisdom (Light)

Foren's divine wisdom fills the hero with inspiration and insight.

Divine Gift: Inspiration – For a brief period, all damage taken will be reflected back to the attacker, who consequently harms himself.

Ker Icon.png
Goddess of Chaos or Evil (Exclusive Shadow)

She is the destroyer, and the guardian of darkness.

Divine Gift: Sakkara – From depths of the dimensions, Ker conjures a demon which will assist the caster in his fight for evil until it is either destroyed or succeeds in casting off its magic shackles, thus breaking free from the conjurer's control.

Testa Icon.png
God of Science (Shadow)

He is the spirit who brings life to dead and mechanical things.

Divine Gift: Will-o-wisp – Several will-o-wisps appear out of nowhere. Animated by Testa's spirit, they assist the hero by healing his wounds and absorbing incoming damage.

Kuan Icon.png
God of War (Shadow)

He protects the soldiers and grants them the determination necessary to persist in battle.

Divine Gift: Kuan's Breath – All creatures on the battle field feel Kuan's Breath. Their recklessness causes them to kill everything in their path. Friend or foe, there will be no distinction: all will be annihilated.

  • Note- While the game refers to Ker as the Goddess of Evil, the printed manual lists her as the Goddess of Chaos.

Books of Religion

Several books documenting the mythology, appearance, and factions of these Deities can be found around Ancaria. Adventurers will discover them during their travels, or can read them here.

Divine Devotion

Taking the Divine Devotion skill will decrease the amount of time it takes for the Divine Gift to regenerate, and will unlock additional attributes.

  • Tip- Equipping Relics which boost Divine Devotion will increase this skill if you have taken it.

God Statues

Across Ancaria the player may discover statues honoring the various gods. These may be found in the wilderness or in a Temple of the Gods. Praying to a god by clicking on their statue partially regenerates that god's Divine Gift.