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Back in the day, a woman knew her place - barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. They certainly didn't belong in medical school. However, there have always been such rebels in society. Dr Michaela "Mike" Quinn, the TV series would have you believe was one of them.

Having been rejected by Boston society after the civil war ended, Dr Quinn moved west to Colorado to set up her shingle.

In Ancarian society, such limitations aren't evident. But there's still a sense of that frontier spirit, leading people onto adventure.

On the road to Na'Fian, on the west coast of the Jungle you will likely come across a high elf who has a broken leg. He will ask you to summon a doctor from Na'Fian. When you arrive in Na'Fian, you'll meet Doctor Kwinn, Medicine Woman.

She is located right next to the merchant in Na'Fian.

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