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In Dragonmaw Pass you can find the below services. See Map Icons:






The Dragonmaw Pass is the wall frontier between Tyr-Lysia and Artamark, the Human lands. Strange creatures and many dangers can be found in this mountain region, but also treasures and other nice surprises. There is nothing else here but a small encampment that serves as border guard base camp. There are no towns, villages nor people up here in these mountains, so everything here is keeping quite a wild aspect.

Locate Dragonmaw Pass on the Ancaria Interactive Map

Quests & NPC's

Main Quest

If you are playing a light aligned character, her role in the Through the Wall is optional, she just tells you she won't let you through the wall and to go away. You can simply ignore her all together and go around the camp entirely.

If you are aligned to the shadows, she will greet you, check your papers and happily (as happily as any shadow character can) let you through the wall.

Side Quests

  • Two Wall Guards: two Inquisition Guards who are involved in the Barthus phase of the Dragon Mage's Class Chain Quest. Click on one to start a conversation between the two women that gives you a clue to Varmin's whearabouts. One guard is named Kasnur, the other is anonymous.


Dragonmaw Pass can be reached by walking north from Clearview. It's the northern frontier with Artamark. Dragonmaw Pass has both town portal and monolith.


There are no enemies in the place, but you have to beat rodents, spiders and harpies in the way to the frontier.

Interesting Photos

The Frontier Wall
Entering the camp
Military frontier camp
Secret frontier backdoor
Contact Charos at the backdoor


  • In Shadow Campaign mode, the frontier is crossed through the wall.
  • In Light Campaign mode, the frontier is crossed using the cave near the frontier (see Secret frontier backdoor screenshot).

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