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The Dungeon Master Achievement can be one of the most difficult achievements to accomplish, unless a player understands a number of useful strategies.

1.) All 100 dungeons or caves must be entered in one sitting. This is because the stat counter for this achievement is reset to 0 every time the game is shut down.

2.) Every entry to a dungeon counts as +1 to the stat.

3.) It does not matter which dungeon is entered. the game does not track which caves have been visited previously. One can enter the same dungeon 100 times and it will still award the achievement.

4.) Multi-level dungeons count as multiple dungeons. Each dungeon and sub-level is counted individually. As well, entering a top level dungeon, then going to a lower level, and then returning back to the higher level counts as +3 to the stat.

For example, The Legend of Gronkor chain quest yields a +6 to this stat. This is because the quest requires entry to the top level followed by a trip to the lower level to check to see if Gronkor's corpse is missing any hands, then a return to the top level (a total of +3) and a stop outside to inform the waiting Orcs that neither party has Gronkor's hand on their banner. They then ask the player to go back and retrieve both hands. The 2nd foray into the caves results in another +3.

5.) There is no way to report this statistic inside the game. To view the information, the game must be saved using F7 (Ice & Blood) or F10 (Fallen Angel) and then Alt-Tab out to Windows to load the HeroXX.sacred2stats file that is linked to the current character in Notepad. This is currently the only way to find out how many dungeons have been entered at any given time.