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Elementalist, Mentalist, Dragon Magic Specialist, which of them should be your first, or can you have all?!

By chattius

You want to play your first Dragon Mage? But you are unsure which aspect is the best or which is the playstyle you will like the most? I played a riding Elementalist and a polearm swinging mentalist and I can hopefully give some advice:

The elementalist can do a lot of damage , single and multi target, but lacks a buff with a good defense.

The dragon magic specialist has a very good buff which gives spell damage, spell resistance and hitpoints. But it has only 2 attack spells. The dragon strike is clumsy to use in caves and at obstacles but can do nice damage and it reduces hit chance of opponents. Eternal fire lacks the damage boost from the lore in the current patch. The transformations are fun and nice to play in the early game, but lack defense as soon as they run in mobs with non physical damage.

The mentalist has a nice buff which gives physical protection, can stun and block spells. Its Maelstrom slow opponents. Mind strike modified to area effect is very quick and sometime enough to kill small groups except the champion.

I will describe some possible builds.

Dragon magic specialists Dragon magic specialist lack a single target damage spell later in game. So the easiest way to get this would be to add mentalism tree, because we well need mentalism focus for the buff anyway we offer just 1 skill to add mentalism lore for single target damage. We win better physical protection this way too. So Dragon magic specialists are either mentalists or elementalists. There is no pure dragon magic specialist.

The mentalist: The companion from dragon magic tree gives a BIG boost to intelligence and therefor damage. It can give a nice boost to hitpoints too and a even BIGGER boost if we take dragon magic lore too. Since the hitpoints are protection and the intelligence will boost all our yet unmodifed spells we will take dragon magic aspect first and modify companion as our first combat art.

So a mentalist or dragon magic specialist would look like this:

The elementalist

I would consider the elementalist build as the best way to test a dragon mage: all aspects of it and you won't have to worry that you did anything wrong if you want to play the character into niob.

For attributes, there are several ways:

You will get hitpoints, Willpower and Intelligence from your companion.So Stamina mixed with vitality would be a possibility.

Or you decide to do some sockets with '-enemy chance to evade' and some sockets with 'regeneration per hit'. So each time you hit an enemy with a weapon your spells will be recharged a bit. You don't have a weapon lore or alchemy so hitting bosses will be a little difficult. But you can modify all 15 spells, so you can keep either gust of wind or mind strike at low regeneration times to be used without recharging from a weapon. For this regeneration per hit design stamina is not needed and we can put all in vitality.

Final Words:

The elementalist has not much possibilities to free a skill to insert bargaining. Removing constituion or dragon magic lore could be considered by non hardcore players. The mentalist allows the most flexibility in skills. The dragon magic specialist needs support aspects.

Originally published at DarkMattersfor review and discussion.

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