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Failitia... Who she actually is remains a question. A rumours spreading in the Jungle claim her to be a dark criminal, an abductor and a murderer. Her friends claim her to be a noble Seraphim and a true force of Light. If you dare to investigate the mysterious case about the misdeeds that took place in the Jungle, you'd meet Failitia and find out the answer. And the answer is rather unexpected: this lady that looks like an ordinary Seraphim warrior is a disguise anyway. But there are not one, but two beings wearing this disguise at the same time - a wise and powerful Seraphim called Failitia, Dreamweaver of the Gods and an evil and dangerous Human witch called Asmarael, the Queen of Spiders.


  • Yes, she really can be found in two places at the same time. The reason is quite simple - since there are two beings using this disguise, there are two places where you can find her.
  • The first Failitia can be located in the Jungle near the cave entrance north of Na'Fian. See exact location below:
  • Have a look through the SacredWiki Map