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The folks in Ancaria love fine art as much as anyone. Examples of which can be found all over the land.

In Thylysium, there's a piece of art on exhibit on near one of the merchants near the docks that features a Seraphim holding a minigun instead of a BFG.

No word on exactly who this Seraphim is, but given she appears to be wearing the full Niokaste's armor set, maybe that's Niokaste herself...? The picture can be found here:

The same image can also be found in the circular town square in Thylysium, near the sewer entrance near the Runemaster. There are 3 paintings to be seen there. The first is the minigun toting Seraphim above:

The second picture is a landscape, featuring a number of people standing beneath some rather large trees. While its probably from the Dryad region, it can be somewhat reminicent of the final scenes from Star Wars Episode 6 in the Ewok villiage.

The third picture in this location is another landscape. There's nothing special about it. It's the one behind the artist in the above picture.

Also in Thylysium, there's a picture of a familiar scene from Sacred 1 - Crow's Rock Castle. It's located in Lord Alcander's house - the one he's standing next to when you talk to him for his quests, not the summer home. You will likely need some camera angle mods added to your game in order to see it properly.

The painting can be found here:

Near Griffinborough, in the brigand camp southwest of the city and south of the Temple of the Gods, there's a landscape under one of the tents that features a Sacred 1 house.

It can be found here:

Inside Griffinborough, as you enter the southwest gate and walk up the hill, you'll find an easel at the top. Depending on the time of day, you may even find an artist working on the canvas. His art is crap. But if you look behind him - on the ground, there's another copy of the Minigun Seraphim we've seen before.

A map to the location:

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