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fireball.gif Throws a fireball at a target (available while in Dragon Form)


DM_Asp_01.gif - Dragon Magic

Innate Abilities (Lvl 1) afdmg.jpg


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None. Fireball is a special combat art available only when the Dragon Mage transforms into Dragon Form. Therefore modification points cannot be used on it.

Skills and Attributes

No skills or attributes affect the damage, regeneration, or execution speed of Fireball. These values only improve automatically as character level and Dragon Form CA level increases.


Usage Strategies

  • Useful to attack single targets at range.
  • All of the Dragon Form's innate abilities (including Fireball) scale with CA level. However, they also scale with character level, meaning a character that's read only one Dragon Form rune will have a much more powerful Fireball when the character is level 50 than when they are level 1. This scaling (partially) makes up for the fact that no attributes or skills increase its power.

Combo Recommendations

Fireball cannot be placed into a combo, because the Dragon Mage loses the ability to use combos when transformed.

Pros and Cons


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Stats Chart

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