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Ligien is the First Priestess of a small order called 'Women of the Sweet Seraphim'. Together with her fellow Sisters she resides in a little cloister located in the Seraphim Valley. Last times were not the good ones for the order. Not only that they got very few recruits, but also Wilgyrien, the Abbess, behaves strangely. So Ligien would be happy to find somebody who could help the order. Of course drawing First Priestess' attention is not an easy task. Ligien would pay attention to your character only after you do some things for the order. If you want Ligien to notice you, you should talk to Sister Prudentia first.




  • If you have CM-patch installed, she would be able to offer her quest to the Seraphim too.
  • Ligien would appear to Shadow characters, yet she won't offer them a quest nor dialog.