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In Fortress Reikenstein you can find the below services. See Map Icons:





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Fortress Reikenstein is the sort of stuff fairy tale castles are made of - intrigue, dungeons, secret passages, moats and that sort of stuff.

The fortress is located northwest of the Dragonmaw Pass border wall and southwest of Black Oaks in the human region. It's easy to miss as a point of interest (visiting the castle is required for the City Guide Achievement) since it's well off the beaten path. There's one quest that will lead the player to it - provided they can successfully escort a rather suicidal weapons dealer to the military camp west of Black Oaks in the quest Pawn Sacrifice. Fortress Reikenstein flies the blue and gold flag of Artamark.

Locate Fortress Reikenstein on the Ancaria Interactive Map

Quests & NPC's


Closest portal and monolith are located at Dragonmaw Pass. Head north and then west around mountains to reach fortress


Slave Outcasts, Alpha and Timberwolves, and Black Bears are the most common enemy types.

Interesting Photos

Fortress Dungeon
West Side of Fortress

Fortress Reikenstein Cemetary

Due west from the entrance of Fortress Reikenstein, there is a small cemetery complete with an outdoor chapel area. The graves inscriptions there are:

  • Johann Lang - Once an aspiring mage, now a goblin's ashtray
  • Harric - Black Orc Down!
- References Black Hawk Down (2001) by Ridley Scott. A depiction of the Battle of Mogadishu.
  • Famous last words of Anca Adelina Finta: weeeeeee bb done...
- Community manager at for Sacred International Forum that came after Carolyn Hacker for Ice and Blood
  • Birne - He came, ate and saw there was nothing left...
  • Christiane Clarenbach - What am I waiting for anyway...
- Community manager at for Sacred International Forum, pre-dated Carolyn Hacker
  • pascal21 - He was able to juggle with numbers, then he tried it with daggers.
- Name based on Blaise Pascal, mathematician (1623 - 1662)

Fortress Reikenstein also contains one grave marker within it's walls.

  • Queen Heeda We are not sad that you are gone, we are grateful that you were here.


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