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Getting Started

The booklet doesn't provide much insight this mode, but it allows 1-2 players offline to play through the non-campaign side of the game in a large sandbox environment

Game Setup

1-2 gamer profiles are needed to play this mode, one for each of the players.

  • Creating an additional gamer profile - Make sure no one is signed in, then select sign-in from the dashboard. Press Y to begin the creation and follow the onscreen steps. The name you give to your profile has nothing to do with your Sacred 2 character.

Hosting the Game

With the 2 gamer profiles completed, your ready to start playing Sacred 2 on freeworld. Freeworld is an offline multiplayer mode, this mode also has no level-gap limit, which is a great.

The player that host the game is considered the main player, this is an important fact to remember. Once the main player has entered the game and the saving icon has disappeared from the upper right corner of the screen, player 2 can enter the game by pressing start. A list will appear of the characters saved to player 2's profile. If player 2 has yet to make a character select the top option, which will create a character. This option will go through the same character creation process that the main player did.

General Information

  • Information regarding this mode of gameplay

Quests and Exploration

A majority of the quest can be played through in this mode, excluding campaign and few others that are exclusive to the campaign. However, completion of these quest will not be saved when you exit Freeworld.

  • The quests will reappear upon re-entering Freeworld, allowing you to complete some of your favorite quests over and over again.
  • Just like with quests, exploration of the map will not be saved upon exiting this game mode.