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In Hagelstein you can find the below services. See Map Icons:





Hagelstein (also known as the Ghost Village) is unique in that it's the only town that requires a completed quest to gain access. Another unique feature is that before The Ghost Village quest is completed, the area is actually considered to be underground and after quest is completed it's above ground. So if the player is going after max Map Explored percentage, be sure to fully explore the entire area before AND after completing this quest!

The Ghost Soldiers of Hagelstein wear a long-forgotten emblem: a Dragon-like creature on a shield of Blue and Gold. Perhaps it is the coat-of-arms of the former barony. The Human Ghosts that haunt the Whisperwood around Hagelstein wear a similar emblem, although the colors are washed out and grey.

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Quests & NPC's

Epic Office Quest

Side Quests


Monoliths: Artamark's Gate and head east or use Skook's Corner and head northeast. There is also a portal at the crossroads where the east/west road meets the path leading to Hagelstein. From this monolith head south.

Portal: Closest portal is at Griffinborough. Head north from town, then east from Artamark's Gate.

As there are no convenient portals, be sure to stock up on any supplies that may be needed.


  • Hagelstein (while cursed) is the only part of the game to feature the ferocious Ghost Chickens! After the curse is lifted, the ghost chickens become friendly ghosts.

Interesting Photos

Hagelstein is in perpetual darkness until the curse is lifted by completing The Ghost Village chain quest. Below are sets of pics displaying the same general area before and after completing the quest.

Evocator's Lair before and after
Front Gate before and after
Temple before and after
Town Center before and after


  • For a village that's been isloated for over 500 years, the street performer in the village square is up on the Ancarian Top 10. He sings a rather interesting version of the song made famous by Blind Guardian.

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