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Harry Potter playing Wizard Chess in the first movie of the series, The Sorcerer's Stone. Ron sacrifices his pawn to let Harry and Hermione through.

Play chess with giant pieces such as an orc and a boar. Perhaps reminiscent of the first Harry Potter movie? The quest for this Easter Egg allows pieces to come to life and manifest orc ghosts. It is called Nouveau Varguz and is given by the orc chief Gintonic Icelump (gotta love that name!) in Tharak, where it will take you to a cave just northwest of that town. Perhaps three charcters on the multiplayer variation chessboard are meant to represent Harry, Hermione and Ron?

This quest functions correctly in Sacred 2 version 2.43.0 build 1671 - both single player and multiplayer variations. There may be issues with the multiplayer variation in the Ice and Blood expansion but the issue has been resolved using the Community Patch.

Special Notes

There is a second Easter Egg linked to this quest, and is probably the primary interpretation of this quest's significance as an Easter Egg... read on:

Bobby Fischer

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