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In Hidden Valley you can find the below services. See Map Icons:


The Hidden Valley is just after the Brigand Camp 2, leading to the nearby mountains to the north. These mountains is where the Torreya Brook begins, which flows south till Sloeford, surrounding the town with its waters.

In the Hidden Valley there are lots of bald mountains with little vegetation, surrounding the emerging waters that flow down to the south lands. Besides that there is nothing else to highlight, except the Alchemist Quinius's hut, and the Ghosthunter Retilynen, who is always messing around.

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Side Quests


The nearest monolith to the Hidden Valley is the one in Twainbrook. From there the player needs to head north to reach Hidden Valley.

For the nearest town portal, the player can choose either Sloeford or the Western Tyr Lysia portal. It is a long trip from either of them of them, always leading north, before reaching Hidden Valley.


The Hidden Valley is still inside kobold territory. Some boars can also be found here.

Once the player completes the Ghost Hunting quest, some Human Ghosts and Elven Ghosts will be waiting in the higher mountains of the valley.

Interesting Photos

The Hidden Valley
Alchemist's hut in the valley
Graveyard on mountain's top


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