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In High Elf Outpost 2 you can find the below services. See Map Icons:





The High Elf Outpost was placed in a strategic place to fight both the kobolds from the Goblin Camp at the North and the many Undead Legionnaires surrounding the place, West from Thylysium.

The outpost horses and merchants, which help the High Elf fighting their enemies in this zone. Plenty of military tents and High Elf Soldiers are seen in the camp.

For players in the early stages of the Main Campaign, this is a helpful stop in their way to Thylysium.

Locate High Elf Outpost 2 on the Ancaria Interactive Map

Quests & NPC's

Side Quests


There is a monolith next to the outpost which can be used by the players to get there quickly.

If the monolith is not available, the player will have to walk Northwest from Thylysium or even Southwest from Clearview, which is a bit longer trip.

It is also possible to get there from Sloeford. It is a fast way to get to the outpost for the characters who can use their Combat Arts to cross the river.


The lands near the outpost are infested with Kobolds, Kobold Warriors and Kobold Shamans. Many Undead Legionnaires and Undead Reservists can also be found there.

Few Undead Legion Mages and Wild Boars may also be found.

Interesting Photos

Outpost entrance
Outpost top view
Tents and horse trader


  • Logamir can only be found there after completing the Orpheus chain quest, and only if you chose Changing Sides as the second quest of the chain.