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Back in the mid 1990's, before the Pentium era, Intel (and to be fair, AMD) produce a chip known as the 80486 DX4. The chip, at the time was considered to be quite fast - and compared to previous chips, they were very quick. The chip came in various speeds - 75 MHz, 100 MHz and 133 MHz (AMD). That's right - Megahertz - not Gigahertz.


Of course, compared to today's monster dual, triple, quad and hex core chips, the DX4 series is little more than a quaint footnote in computing history.

That's NOT to say it shouldn't be immortalized.

In the eastern region of Artamark, the Temple Guardian has a class quest that requires that he visit a cave in the Whisperwood region of eastern Artamark. Inside the cave, there are two T-Energy consoles and a Temple Guardian named DX4-100:


AMD Fans Rejoice!

Further along the Temple Guardian's class quest, we find our mechanical hero in the southern end of the Swamp region, near where you pass through the mountain into the desert region. There is a cave, and in the back end of this cave, there are 5 more Temple Guardians standing guard over the 3rd of five keys to the laboratory door.

In addition to our old friend DX4-100, there's DX4-120, PIII-233 and PIII-300, and a Hunter Guardian K6-2.

Intel and AMD Chips.jpg

For those not in the know, the PIII (Pentium 3) units are named after Intel's Pentium 3 series. The DX4-120 and the K6-2 are named after AMD chips. The DX4-120 was AMD's answer to the DX4-100 running at 120 MHz. The Pentium 3 chips are fairly early models running at 233 and 300 MHz.

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