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The Island of Malday is located in Urthak's Bay, northwest of Urthak's Moxie in northern Artamark. It's remote location makes it a logical place for it's current use as a leprosy station.

A flag of black, blue and red with a golden castle is flown on the Island of Malday and a few other places around Artamark. Its significance is unknown.

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Quests & NPC's

Side Quests


Monolith in Urthak's Moxie

Nearest portal is at Kufferath Castle. Head north from the portal to the shoreline northwest of Urthak's Moxie.

There is also a ship in Urthak's Moxie.


Mostly Goblins and Snapping Turtles as well as a few Thraconians.

Interesting Photos

Leprosy Station
Qungar the Terrible and his henchmen


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