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In Kobold Camp you can find the below services. See Map Icons:


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North in Tyr Lysia, in the farthest mountains, a player will find the Kobold Camp. It is far away from the High Elf cities, towns and settlements, so authorities don't care too much for it. Lots of kobolds live here, if a player doesn't like dealing with these little humanoid creatures they should, instead, take another path and not progress through these lands.

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You can reach the Kobold Camp following north the path that starts down the Celestial Dome. The nearest monolith is in Twainbrook, and is much closer than the nearest portal; so if you have this monolith activated is by far the quickest way to arrive. The nearest portal is the Sloeford one, probably a bit nearer than the Western Tyr Lysia portal, which is south-west from the Celestial Dome if you look at the map.


There are a great many Kobolds in Kobold Camp, some of the champions. In the higher parts of the camp there are also timberwolves.

Gahanka, the Troll boss of the Kobolds will also appear when the player has taken on The Kobold Chieftain quest and has killed the required number of Kobolds.

Interesting Photos

Kobold buildings
The camp entrance
Small cemetery near the camp
Sight tower
More buildings in the camp
Buildings near the brook
The entrance from a sight tower


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