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In Kufferath Castle you can find the below services. See Map Icons:








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Kufferath Castle is situated at the confluence of the East and West Skookemchuck Rivers. Times are tough in the castle as the Dark Army is entrenched outside the walls. Players will find themselves in the middle of a heavy battle as they attempt to enter. The castle proper has not been breached as of yet. Rest and respite from the war will be a player's reward if they can successfully enter the castle.

Locate Kufferath Castle on the Ancaria Interactive Map

Quests & NPC's

Epic Office Quest

Side Quests

  • Baron Urtamark: Lord of Kufferath Castle and involved in The Arch Mage's Demise quest.
  • Guard: involved in The Arch Mage's Demise quest.


There is a monolith and portal within the castle walls


Numerous Dark Army Human combatants including Archers, Mages, Paladins and Temple Knights.

There are also wolves and rats lurking about.

A demon will appear as part of the chain quest The Unholy Crusade task called The Arch Mage's Demise. conjured by accident as ArchMage Saewald attempts to read the document.


Kufferath Castle is the center of power for the Urtamark barony. The Urtamark flag is prominently displayed here. It shows a deer and a boar dancing around a white tree on a field of green. This coat of arms appears on the shields and uniforms of Urtamark soldiers, sometimes ringed with a gold crown. These soldiers range far and wide across the barony. A version of this emblem is even on the livery of Baron Urtamark himself.

Urtamark Flag
Flag hu banner 003.jpg
Baron's Livery
Urtamark Shield
Urtamark Towershield
Urtamark Officer's Emblem

Interesting Photos

Kuan Shrine
Dark Army Camp #1
Dark Army Camp #2
Camp #2 trenches

Castle defenses
Another castle view
Inside the castle


In many of the game files, Kufferath Castle and the Urtamark barony are labeled as "Mascarell." Mascarell was the "good" kingdom from Sacred:Underworld, and a rival of DeMordrey (also present in the first Sacred as an enemy kingdom). Therefore, the rivalry between Mascarell and DeMordrey would have returned again in Sacred 2, had the name been kept. Instead "Mascarell" was changed to "Urtamark."

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