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icon13.gif NOTE: The contents of this page are exclusive content found only by installing the player-made mega-mod Diablo 2 Fallen.

Damage Done:

Weak against:

The Hitpoints, Chance to hit, Damage and Armor noted above of Kujin are dependent on the level of Kujin. Stats will scale based on Kujin's level. Use the above stats as a guideline.


  • Kujin is found in the arena just southeast of Ruka. Where her homeland is, no one knows. Returning from a raid on the mountain trolls, an Ore-Thag orc raiding party brought back this strange barbarian female. Riding her great raging bull, Kujin dominates the gladiator games in the Ruka arena and litters the floor with bones.

Battle Notes

  • Racial Type: Humanoid Monster
  • If your character is Light path there will probably also be some hostile Ore-Thag goblins hanging out around the arena where this boss battle takes place.
  • Kujin is a physical-based character so all her attacks are focused on that damage type:
    • Charge - similar to the Paladin's Charge. Causes light physical damage.
    • Stomp - a nova similar in appearance to the Barbarian's War Cry. Causes moderate physical damage with an 80% chance to stun you.
    • Hard Hit - a melee attack with significantly boosted damage and chance to hit.
    • Bleeding Hard Hit - slightly less damage than the basic Hard Hit, but with an extra 50% Chance to inflict Open Wounds.
  • Mounted enemies in Sacred 2 seem to combine the hitpoint totals from both the rider and the mount. So Kujin has double the hitpoints of most other bosses because of her bull mount.
  • There is a bug where Kujin will sometimes just explode when you get her health down to around 50%. If this happens you get no loot and the "Last Opponent" window will be blank. This will hopefully be fixed in a future patch.

See Also:

  • Kujin was originally an Orc Shaman from the game Heroes of Might and Magic V: Tribes of the East. She is one of the few bosses introduced in the mod that is not Diablo-related.

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