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In Libi's Pratfall you can find the below services. See Map Icons:




Libi's Pratfall is a remote place with few visitors. Natural resources, peace and fantastic landscapes are samples of what can be found here. There are lots of waterfalls created by the mountainous areas near the Bluestone Lake.

The dense woods of the northern area hide the Temple of the Gods, as well as the paths to the couple of places that can be accessed from Libi's Pratfall: the Strange Traveling Circus and the Ascaron Headquarters.

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Quests & NPC's

Epic Office Quest


Libi's Pratfall is reached by walking east from Teardrop Hamlet, then north following the Bluestone Lake side.

Walking west from Libi's Pratfall will lead to a small dock with a boat (small portal); the player can use it to travel to the Strange Traveling Circus.


There are few enemies in Libi's Pratfall. A few Mutated High Elves seem to have escaped the T-Energy bog to the south.

On the way to Libi's Pratfall, the player will fight Mutated Rats, Boars, Spiders, Turtles, Bears and High Elves.

If the player wants to enter the Ascaron Headquarters (see Epic Office Quest quest) he/she will have to fight a Hydra.

Interesting Photos

The Temple of the Gods
Never-ending stairs to the Temple
More waterfalls
More waterfalls
More waterfalls
More waterfalls


  • The Ascaron Headquarters (something wonderful quest) can be found in a cave near here. Libi's Pratfall is the only place where the Ascaron Headquarters can be accessed from.
  • The Strange Traveling Circus can be reached from here. Walk north then east until you find a boat in a small dock (small portal). Use it to travel to the Strange Traveling Circus.

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