Sacred 2:Mirror Shades

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Item Tips and Info

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Set: Lara's Glad Rags

Item Modifiers

Design Notes

  • Mirror shades seem to be fashionable again, and after creating these retro sunglasses I tested the model extensively for mirror effect. At that time I ran my HE around with the Desert Eagle, and I couldn't help thinking of Lara Croft, the Tomb Raider. However, that character is usually seen in a kind of combat outfit. It was MarcusWob who came up with the reference to free time ('Freizeit' in German). He said he could imagine the HE wearing these clothes ".. if Ancaria doesn't need saving for once..". So I thought the HE might wear these clothes for instance on an evening out, and I found the slang reference 'Glad Rags' nicely appropriate for this set.