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In Monastery of Light you can find the below services. See Map Icons:



The Monastery of Light is the starting point for the Seraphim. It is a quiet place reserved to give tribute to the God of Light, Lumen, by every Lumen follower.

There is a small square in the center part of the Monastery. There is a chapel on the east side of the square and a dormitory on the west side. There is a tower to the north across a bridge. The chamber inside this tower is where the Seraphim enters the game world.

Locate Monastery of Light on the Ancaria Interactive Map

Quests & NPC's

  • Nun. This nun appears in campaign mode to all characters other than the Seraphim. She does offer dialogue but does not give a quest.


The Monastery of Light is northwest from the Brigand Camp 1. It can be reached by taking the southwest road from Sloeford, following the road that leaves the town, and turning north at the Brigand Camp 1 (Tyr Lysia) crossing.

The Brigand Camp 1 monolith is very close, so it is a good option to know about when traveling to the Monastery of Light.


The enemies that can be found here are mostly brigands, some wolves and some inquisition guards.

Interesting Photos

Monastery entrance
The entrance from the inside
The main square and gardens
The bridge to the tower

The tower entrance
Seraphim at the Tower
Inside the tower
Light at Night

Dorm entrance
Inside the Dorm
Inside the Chapel


  • The player can find health potions from the four small fountains inside the chapel. There are fountains like these in chapels and temples all over Ancaria.

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