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icon13.gif NOTE: The contents of this page are exclusive content found only by installing the player-made mega-mod Diablo 2 Fallen.


Earth Elemental

Sacred 2:Earth Elemental (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Elemental of Destruction

Sacred 2:Elemental of Destruction (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Elemental of Protection

Sacred 2:Elemental of Protection (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Fire Elemental

Sacred 2:Fire Elemental (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Ice Elemental

Sacred 2:Ice Elemental (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Small Earth Elemental

Sacred 2:Small Earth Elemental (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Small Fire Elemental

Sacred 2:Small Fire Elemental (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Small Toxic Elemental

Sacred 2:Small Toxic Elemental (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Toxic Elemental

Sacred 2:Toxic Elemental (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Flying Creatures

Black Raptor

Sacred 2:Black Raptor

Blood Hawk

Sacred 2:Blood Hawk

Cloud Stalker

Sacred 2:Cloud Stalker

Desert Wing

Sacred 2:Desert Wing

Desert Wing Caster

Sacred 2:Desert Wing Caster


Sacred 2:Fury (Diablo 2 Fallen)


Sacred 2:Griffin (Diablo 2 Fallen)


Bloodthirsty Werewolf

Sacred 2:Bloodthirsty Werewolf (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Moon Clan

Sacred 2:Moon Clan

Moon Lord

Sacred 2:Moon Lord

Night Clan

Sacred 2:Night Clan

Night Lord

Sacred 2:Night Lord


Sacred 2:Werewolf (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Stone Creatures

Frozen Horror

Sacred 2:Frozen Horror


Sacred 2:Saxenor (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Shifting Stone

Sacred 2:Shifting Stone (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Stone Creature

Sacred 2:Stone Creature (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Wandering Stone

Sacred 2:Wandering Stone (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Swamp Creatures


Sacred 2:Hydra (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Stygian Watcher

Sacred 2:Stygian Watcher

Swamp Olm Blinder

Sacred 2:Swamp Olm Blinder

Swamp Olm

Sacred 2:Swamp Olm (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Swamp Olm Entangler

Sacred 2:Swamp Olm Entangler

Swamp Olm Priest

Sacred 2:Swamp Olm Priest

Swamp Olm Shocker

Sacred 2:Swamp Olm Shocker

Swamp Olm Trapper

Sacred 2:Swamp Olm Trapper

Young Hydra

Sacred 2:Young Hydra


Monster Bosses:

Monster Super-Uniques:

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