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The Seraphim and her new friends


From the character pool in Sacred 1, only the Seraphim can be found in Sacred 2, 2,000 years before. The five other characters are completely new, and at the same time quite diverse. The first characters to be announced to the public were the Seraphim, of course, then the Shadow Warrior. More recently, the High Elf joined her two friends. During the Games Convention and the multiplayer event, people could see the Dryad as well, although we still don't know much about it, unlike the other three. Lastly, the two other characters have been announced to the press: the Inquisitor, and the Temple Guardian. If we now know the background history and part of the aptitudes of the Seraphim, the Shadow Warrior and the High Elf, we still know very little about the Dryad, the Inquisitor and the Temple Guardian.

The Seraphim is very similar to the one in Sacred 1: fighter with a bunch of heavenly magic, she represents the good itself in the world of Ancaria. The Inquisitor is kind of her evil opposite. Fond of dark magic, the dude only wears robes and uses twisted hand-to-hand combat techniques. The Shadow Warrior masters all forms of combat, from hand-to-hand to powerful armed techniques, and, having been in contact with the underworld in the past, can call on some of his old comrades for help. The High Elf Adept is the classical sorceress, well-versed in three powerful magic disciplines, but she can nonetheless be an able fighter when using her magic in conjunction with hand-to-hand combat. The Dryad Scout will be the character all fans of Sacred's Wood Elf will want to play, as she's a very proficient archer, and a master in the magic of Nature. She practices as well some kind of voodoo, which she can use to harvest shrunken heads from her enemies!

Let's now conclude this presentation of the 6 characters of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel with maybe the most peculiar of those, which should be detailed to the public later on: the Temple Guardian. This character is an archaic cyborg with a jackal head, able to alter his head and his arm. He is extremely dangerous in hand-to-hand combat, and has mastered as well the use of technological weapons. Due to the nature of his own origin, he has mastered the powerful T-Energy, and can use it to change his environment.


Additionally, we'll find in Sacred 2: Fallen Angel the horses which were already present in Sacred, some of them being faster or more resilient. But the real novelty here is that in Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, each character class will have access to its own specific mount: for example, the Shadow Warrior will be able to mount a powerful Hellhound, while the Seraphim will mount an agile Tiger. Furthermore, these mounts will not only be for fast travelling around the world: they will really affects the fights if you fight mounted, giving you advantages and disadvantages, each having their own, while in original Sacred you could only use very few of your combat arts while mounted, and there was not much interest to fight while mounting a horse.

On character creation, the player will have the ability to change some of its physical characteristics, like the hair colour, and some of those will be alterable further on in the game with dies for example. The player will also have to choose between 6 gods of Ancaria, three being evil gods, the other three being good gods. The Seraphim and the Inquisitor will only be able to choose among the three gods sharing their alignment, while the other four characters will be free to choose any of these 6 divinities. Each of these divinities will grant a special powerful techniques to the character worshipping them.