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  • Enemy Type: Ogre
  • Family: Goblinoid
  • Behavior: Live together with Orcs and Goblins and are enemies of Kobolds and Trolls.
  • Distribution; northwest Ancaria
  • Population: low
  • Size: big
  • Power: high
  • Attitude: evil
  • Quote: Let's show the enemy what we are capable of!

Big, strong, deadly… these are the most important features of an Ogre. Ogres, as well as Goblins and Orcs, belong to the Goblinoid family. They are the biggest and usually strongest of their kind, but rather than following the cliché of the “stupid Ogre” they are neither dumb nor clumsy.

Together with Goblins and Orcs, Ogres live in larger Orc villages. Ogres are almost exclusively found in the western regions of Nor Plat. The Ogre is born as a fighter. He lives for the battle and it is the goal of any Ogre to someday die with honor in a bloody fight. They love the cold and control it to form their magic, which has been the doom of many travelers in times past. It is said that meeting an Ogre of advanced age is as difficult as watching the solar eclipse with the naked eye… just not as beautiful.

The Ogre Warrior

Like every Ogre, the Ogre Warrior especially prefers heavy armor of good quality when going into battle. Ogre Warriors are lone wolves by heart, but their legendary strength makes them the most treasured assets of many Orc groups.

Individual Ogre Warriors have different preferences when it comes to melee combat. Some use gigantic two-handed weapons, others one-handed weapons and shields. Don’t forget though that the hand of an Ogre is huge, so all the other races are lucky to wield an Ogre one-handed weapon with two hands, if they can do it at all. Every Ogre is deadly, but there are dark rumors whispered around that the elite warriors among them are even able to use their affinity to the cold to slow down armies of enemies in the unrelenting cold of icy fog.

Quote: I only need one hit for you!

The Ogre Champion

In early training, some Ogre warriors shine with strong leadership skills and endurance. The best of them choose the path of the Ogre Champion. They lead small troops of warriors into battle and coordinate tactics to make their enemies take flight. Their courage and determination in battle are legendary.

Their leadership and tactical skills don't mean they're lacking in fighting strength. On the contrary! Most of them learn to control frost spells and other special skills to tip the balance of battle to their own favor.

Quote: I want to see blood!

The Ogre Hunter

Ogre Hunters are dangerous from a distance. Their enemies are attacked with throwing weapons and frost spells before they even know what hit them. If forced into melee combat Ogre Hunters continue the fight with the subject of many an Ancarian nightmare, their terrible two-handed Ogre weapons.

Ogre hunters prefer to hunt alone, but although their skill in precision and force are legendary they do value the help of a couple Orcs to clear the field of fire for a better shot. Never underestimate a single Ogre hunter - even if it looks like he's solitary prey, his friends could be waiting for you right behind the next group of trees.

Quote: Your head for my collection!

The Ogre Shaman

An Ogre Shaman is one of the most dangerous wizards of the Goblinoid family. They hurl dreaded ice bolts against their enemies, and some people say that they call the ghosts of long dead Orc heroes to aid them in the hardest battles. Thus far it has not been possible to confirm this rumor. Very few people have ever lived to see the end of one of these battles, much less lived long enough to tell the tale.

Quote: Our ancestors are with us.

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