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In Old Naval Port you can find the below services. See Map Icons:

The Old Naval Port was abandoned long ago, when the navy disappeared from Thylysium and the commercial action focused on the northern docks, near the market and the city center. Over time, the docks degenerated more and more, and finally, after the Ancarian wars, the Old Naval Port became infected by an undead plague.

The city exiled ill people, criminals and other unwanted people there. Eventually, the city closed and sealed this place, in an effort to prevent the undead plague entering Thylysium, lately it has been quite difficult to keep the undead confined here.

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To reach the Old Naval Port it is necessary to walk south from the Thylysium city, by the main city road. The small path between the military camp and the poor neighborhood leads to the Old Naval Port.


Plenty of undead enemies can be found here. Mostly legionnaires, centurions and some zombies, depending on the activated missions. Some skeleton warrior champions can be found also in the south section.

Interesting Photos

North sector square and buildings
North sector building/access
North sector dock
South sector building
South sector dock


  • In the south-west edge of the port's south section there is tomb with a mysterious message.

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