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This patch is obsolete. Use Patch 2.40.0 on a fresh install of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel.

The developers have been following community feedback and are making every effort to wipe out the most pressing problems as quickly as possible. Further improvements on the lobby end are also a very high priority, so both types of changes are being worked on at the same time.

This Hotfix update is one further step in our efforts to address community feedback about Sacred 2. This Hotfix must be installed to access online play!

This update includes the following changes:

   * Progress in "Silver" campaign games is now stored on Closed Net servers 
   * When saving in multiplayer mode, the message "Game Saved" will display 
   * Crashes will not occur on death of Shadow Warrior/High Elf characters 
   * Singleplayer coop is not treated as a single player game 
   * Chat functionality is no longer faulty or non-existent 
   * Scorpion King (desert boss enemy) no longer kills players instantly 
   * The game no longer has to be executed as administrator under Vista 
   * Items can not stolen by using the ALT key 
   * F12 now correctly teleports MP characters to the MP start location, not the singleplayer start location or a resurrection monolith 
   * Keyboard configuration updates are now correctly stored 
   * Nether Allegiance is no longer inactive after teleport 
   * Divine Gift of "Testa" now works correctly 
   * The severed tentacles of the giant octopus can no longer be picked up as items, however the player can still pick up their normal loot drops. 
   * SP character playing MP: When you see the message saying that "Your quest progress will be preserved" your progress is now saved 
   * Books are now being displayed in quest log 
   * OpenAL exception no longer occurs 
   * There is no longer a sound loop when encountering opponents using trap spells 
   * Sounds no longer disappear after playing the Kobold Chieftain quest 
   * There are no longer sound problems when videos play (i.e. no spoken text during the intro etc.) 
   * Voice overs are played less frequently 
   * Fight music is played less frequently; regional music is played more frequently 
   * When clicking on a player in the lobby, it now tracks that player instead of the person in that position on the lobby player list 
   * For those who have already installed update 2.10.1, you can find the new update here >>