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Putrescine's hybrid hunter Dryad

By Putrescine

"When the shadows fall upon the lands of Ancaria. and the T-Energy floats freely around mutating everything in sight, There's few who can resist it's tempting power. But there are those who can, and she is one of them. Living as one with the nature. She is no more only a skilled ranged fighter, but she has also learned to communicate with the forest spirits. Leaving their protective powers at her command."

Alrighty folks! Let's begin. First of all i want to say that this is the first guide that i've written 100% by myself. So it might not be of top quality, but i'm going to try and keep it as clean and easily understandable as possible.

This is a guide and build to the ultimate killing speed, killing power and survivability of the dryad.

1: Atributes and Skills.

2: Combat Arts and Modifications

3: Weapons and Armor

4: Playstyle

5: FAQ

Note: This build is: Built, tested and meant for HC

1: Atributes and Skills.

Let's begin with the atributes shall we? The number's i'm listing up is what i've decided would be the best way to go

This leaves us with some Atribute points left. You can decide for yourself where you want to distribute them.

Now... Time for the Skills.

Now. The amount of points I listed there, is far from the actual amount of skill points you get throughout the game, I know. But it's what I feel is a minimum each skill needs. I want people to learn a thing or two from this build guide aswell. and not just copy paste everything that's been done.

2: Combat Arts and Modifications.

This is propably the hardest part when it comes to building your character. because you never know what will actually benefit you the most. So... For this build. There will be no room for error whatsoever in the modifications we choose.

The Capricious Hunter tree:

- Darting Assault. "This is the CA we'll be using the most. this is our pride and joy." Read only 1 rune

  • Bronze: Reload
  • Silver: Throwback
  • Gold: Rotate

- Ravaged Impact. "This is our boss killer, and shall be modded for that purpose alone" Read only 1 rune

  • Bronze: Perforate
  • Silver: Breach
  • Gold: Double Shot

- Forest Flight. "This is our shortcut friend. Roots nearby enemies" here you can read all you want later on

  • Bronze: Roots
  • Silver: Expert
  • Gold: Escape

- Dust Devil "This is what we'll use in area's with alot of mages, or against spellcasting bosses" Read all you want later on

  • Bronze: Recondition
  • Silver: Spell Shield
  • Gold: Spread

- Sinister Predator "This is Alpha" PUMP IT HARD (keep runes read at 5 more than on Ancient Bark, at all times)

  • Bronze: Eagle Eye
  • Silver: Marked Shot
  • Gold: Hunting Focus

The Nature Weaver tree:

- Tangled Vine "We use this on bosses." Keep recharge at 1sec below duration

  • Bronze: Sprawl
  • Silver: Impair

Gold: Encroach

- Goldenglade Touch "We use this whenever we are, or think we are in danger" Keep regen at 2 secs below duration

  • Bronze: Flow
  • Silver: Persevere
  • Gold: Diligence

- Ancient Bark "This is Omega" PUMP IT HARD

  • Bronze: Rugged
  • Silver: Divert
  • Gold: Invigorate

3: Weapons and Armor.

Yeah... This is a highly discussed subject about what is good. and what is better. But the truth is... They all have their Advantages and Disadvantages. And we're going to use 3 types of weapons.

Blowpipe as main weapon. Due to it's instant hit, it makes an excellent weapon for both Darting Assault and Ravaged Impact. Altho it's damage is slightly lower than on bows. It's speed makes up for it.

Bows will be our "kill buggy mobs" weapon. Seeing as per this patch. 2.40, We can still not hit mounted enemies nor traps with blowpipes. and therefore. bows are our second best alternantive. and is what we will use as backup.

Throwing Stars will be our emergency boss killer weapon. I know this sounds extremely funny and weird since their damage is lower than that of the bow, and it's range is shorter. But they do come with 2 advantages. which is 2 fairly common mods aswell.

-% Opponent's chance to reflect ranged. and % based Lifeleech.

This is a prefered weapon on Snappers (with ranged reflect) and Bosses with either high hp(in the later levels), Ranged reflect or both.

For armor we'll be using Chestplate of Time. The rest will be Detheya's. What you socket in your gear is up to you.

But. If you want my opinion i'd say: atleast 1 +all skills ammy in your gear. 2 on you. and have atleast 4 damage rings socketed.

4 Playstyle.

No tricky stuff here. just select Darting Assault, equip your blowpipe... Find yourself a pack of mobs and press both mouse buttons For bosses we cast vines so they can't do anything but cast spells... they usually have spells so that's why we have Vines AND Goldenglade Touch in a Combo. As described below

Usefull Combo's

Boss neutralizing: Vines + Goldenglade Touch

Boss Escape: Forest Flight + Goldenglade Touch

Spellcasters/Spellcasting Boss: Dust Devil+(Vines, if boss)+Goldenglade Touch

Since we're using Combat Discipline, put Darting Assault and Ravaged Impact in single CA combo's. So we can benefit from that -10% regen time (-20% with 75 hard points)

5 FAQ.

Now for a little FAQ before we finish.


A: It's because we hit so often that it would not benefit us at all. Unless we were using magic damage. But that's not enough to be worth it.

Q: Tell me... Why take Combat Reflexes and not Spell Resistance? Dryads have such low willpower that not taking it is suicide!

A: No, It is not. We choose Combat Reflexes because Melee hit's harder in general. and we want to eliminate the possibilities of recieving a critical hit. If there are mages nearby. We simply just keep Goldenglade Touch up running, not only for the godly HP regen. But also since we have modded it for Willpower

Q: How long have you been working on this build?

A: Since October 08

Q: Why do you like the Dryad so much?

A: Because she has no useless CA's in neither of the aspects i'm using. + she looks cool, has an awesome killing speed

Q: Why take Nature Weaver Lore in a Hunter/self healing build?

A: Because the +damage you get from Nature Weaver Lore actually acts as if it were a bonus, rather than damage. giving you plus to the armor and healing on Ancient Bark and a bonus to the healing on Goldenglade Touch

Originally published at DarkMattersfor review and discussion.

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