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Recurve Bows are a type of Ranged Weapon that were considered Lost Items and then reactivated in the Community Patch.

Ranged Weapons Modifiers for Recurve Bows

Item Level refers to the minimum level the item must be for the modifier to be able to appear. The item level 70 modifier requires Ranged Weapons mastery for it to be unlocked.

Item Level 1 25 70 - Requires Mastery
Modifier Chance to Pierce Chance for Critical Hits Chance to Slow Enemy

Damage Types

  • Recurve Bows typically deal physical damage, however depending on the weapon they will also deal any of the other Damage Types. The additional damage types are not restricted to a single one at a time, a player may have Recurve Bows that have multiple elemental damages, allowing for several different Secondary Damage Effects being possible without any additional gear.


  • High

Firing Speed

  • Fast

Projectile Speed

  • Fast

Projectile Path

  • Straight Line
  • Can be affected by terrain
  • If the arrows reaches the edge of the map it will turn around and bounce back, criss-crossing the world and impacting the enemies if they happen to cross paths. This creates the 'Projectile Storm' effect sometimes seen in game.


  • Long
  • Can pierce targets with appropriate modifiers. (On the bow itself or from the Dryad's Capricious Hunter tree)


  • Up to two gold sockets as well as the grey damage converter socket.


Recurve Bows consist of:

  • Recurve Bow
  • Heavy Recurve Bow
  • Leaden Recurve Bow

Common Recurve Bows

There is only one weapon model for recurve bows. It may appear as any tier of random item, from junk all the way up to rare.

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