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  • Runes Read: Hover over the combat art to see how many runes have been memorized.
  • Runes Slotted: Includes the number of runes socketed in gear and any modifiers that come with the armor. This can be calculated by subtracting the number of runes read from the overall level of the Combat Art.
  • Aspect Regen Bonus: This value can be found by hovering over the aspect title on the Combat Art screen. This gives a total regeneration bonus for the aspect after all modifiers. Higher values are better.


A Dryad using Ravaged Impact has 10 runes memorized. The overall level for Ravaged Impact is 13. Combat Art tool ltip reports the Apect Regen Bonus is 832.5%.

Runes Read = 10 Runes Slotted = 3 Aspect Regen Bonus = 832.5

Resulting in a regen time of 2.838 seconds. The game reports the regen time for this skill as 2.8 seconds.