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Ker's Divine Gift: Sakkara

Sakkara is a powerful Divine Gift that Ker, the Goddess of Chaos gives to her followers.

From depths of the dimensions, Ker conjures a demon which will assist the caster in his fight for evil until it is either destroyed or succeeds in casting off its magic shackles, thus breaking free from the conjurer's control.

This demon is a powerful Boss enemy that fights alongside the character who summoned it for some time, and then turns against the summoner.

Damage Done:

Weakest against:

  • ice.jpg Ice
  • It appears where the summoner is and therefore can't be found in any specific place

Using the Sakkara Demon:

The player should exercise care in summoning this dangerous creature. After a short time it will turn against the player and may be more trouble than help. For example, if the player summons the Demon to help fight a boss and the boss is not defeated before the Demon turns, the player will then find him/herself fighting two powerful bosses at once. The player can of course choose to flee from the Sakkara Demon instead of fighting it, but they will not be able to summon another Demon until the first one is dead or until loading a new game session.

The Inquisitor's Combat Art Mortifying Pillory can be cast on the Sakkara Demon to force other enemies to fight it. Alternatively, the player can use Mortifying Pillory on other enemies and the Demon will fight them instead of going after the Inquisitor.

Inquisitor With Sakkara Demon

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