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In Sea of Heavens you can find the below services. See Map Icons:



A small lake surrounded by high mountains is a perfect landscape for a Temple. But after the war, the lack of security and the inhospitable terrain has this an area conducive to ambushes by thieves and even undead.

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Quests & NPC's

Epic Office Quest


Sea of Heavens can be reached by walking east from the poorest neighborhoods of Thylysium (southeast part of the city). The path that goes through the canyon leads to the Sea of Heavens.

The monolith placed near the Blessed Rock Manor can also be used to reach the Sea of Heavens, walking south from there until finding again the canyon, which is the only access to the Sea of Heavens.


Boars, Undead Legionnaires and Undead Reservists may be found in the Sea of Heavens.

In the way through the canyon towards the Sea of Heavens the player may fight Thieves, Malicious Thieves and Brigands, as well as Undead Legionnaires.

Interesting Photos

The Temple surrounded by water
A temple inside the rock
The Temple of the Gods
Water stored up the mountain


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