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Voiced by: Natalie Duke

Boss Encounters

  1. Gar'Colossus: Golem, spirit of earth! Yield to the power of the Seraphim! As thunder and lightning blast rock, you shall shatter under my fist!
  2. Octagolamus: Creature of the water, freak of nature! Make way or I shall come over you like a storm to dry up your springs!
  3. Carnach: Your flame is unholy, creature of the fire. I will extinguish it with the power of the Light and send you back into the abyss you crawled out of!
  4. Mist of Miasma: You may wrap yourself into unreal fog, but the Light of the Seraphim will disperse the milky clouds and destroy you!

Attacking a unit

  • The Maker's servant does not tolerate resistance!
  • Fear the power of the Seraphim!
  • Feel the heavenly pain!
  • Beg for forgiveness!
  • For the Light!

Attacking a ranged unit

  • Come closer, your punishment awaits you!
  • You are underestimating my reach!
  • Watch out long distance fighter!

Receiving damage

  • Damn!
  • By Sophia!
  • That hurts!
  • By all demons!
  • Just a scratch!
  • By my pinions!
  • Don't irritate me!
  • You will regret that!
  • You will pay for that!
  • That's all you can do?
  • You do not hit a Seraphim!
  • Is this the best you can do?
  • Don't you dare to try that again!

Killing a unit

  • Yippie!
  • Fall apart!
  • No prisoners!
  • I warned you!
  • Feel my wrath!
  • Rest in peace!
  • I'll destroy evil!
  • Thy will be done!
  • And another one
  • Death awaits you!
  • I will redeem you!
  • Down into the dust!
  • The good prevailed!
  • Give in to your fate!
  • I have done my duty!
  • Renounce the world now!
  • From Henckels, with love!
  • May the maker be with you...
  • Fools, you should have fled!
  • The Light won through in the end
  • Down into the dark maws of the netherworld!
  • Your head will make a nice addition to my collection!

Attacking Kobolds

  • As the Maker always says, don't play with Kobolds!
  • My sisters do love you, or rather your head!
  • How about a game of Gnome ball?
  • Are you one of the seven Dwarves?
  • A small Kobold for a small grave!
  • Don't get on my nerves Kobold!
  • You really are funny creatures
  • What do you want, brownie?
  • Such nice pointed little ears...
  • Oh, a Kobold, I'm so afraid...
  • Ridiculous little Gnome!
  • I'm scared to death!
  • You're so sweet!
  • You evil imp!

Attacking Wild Animals

  • Out of my way,beast!
  • You have to die, beast!
  • I could still use some trophies
  • Beast! Flee, so I don't have to kill you!

Attacking Undead

  • Dust you were, and dust you will be again soon!
  • Return to the grave you have risen from!
  • Now you will die for the very last time!
  • I am your Light in the darkness! Die!
  • Your rotting husk insults my nose!
  • I will release you from your curse!
  • Your foul breath disgusts me!
  • Leave this world undead one!
  • Fear the power of the light!
  • Die, unholy creature!

Attacking Humans

  • You misused your freedom.
  • You joined the wrong side!
  • Don't get involved Humans!
  • Your path ends here,Human!
  • I cannot forgive your sacrilege!
  • Do not revolt against the Seraphim!
  • There was another path open to you!
  • Come closer, your punishment awaits you!
  • He who fights for the darkness will be purified by the Light!

Attacking Monsters

  • I will erase your ugly face from Ancaria's soil!
  • Such revolting creatures!
  • Seraphim 1, monster 0!

Attacking Ghosts/Energy

  • I sense your aura
  • You poor naked soul!
  • You are so vulnerable
  • I will make use of your energy!
  • My eyes can see your true being, ghost!

Attacking Goblins

  • Those little rascals still haven't had enough!
  • "Small but mean" won't get you anywhere with me!
  • Another piece for my collection of green skulls!
  • Failed experiment of the Great Maker!
  • Insidious creature, you!
  • To the ground,Ruffian

Attacking Orcs

  • You were created to fight and die. So, fight and die now!
  • An Orc won't be able to resist my power!
  • The time of the Green Skins is over!
  • Your courage does you credit,Orc!
  • Fall over, disgusting Green Skin!
  • You Orcs have nothing on me!
  • You're moving too slow, Orc!
  • Down into the dust,Orc!
  • Die,mutation!
  • Die,Orc!

Attacking T-Mutants

  • This kind of power was never meant for you!
  • The creation of you has been a mishap!
  • You don't deserve this kind of power!
  • Misguided creation!
  • Wretched mutant!

Attacking Demons

  • I am a warrior of the Light, destined by the Maker to wipe you out!
  • Into damnation with all Demons!
  • Such spawn of the netherworld!
  • Die, nightmare creature!
  • Fear the Light, beast!

Attacking Dragons

  • You look like a worm to me!
  • You are threatening the balance, Dragon!
  • Will you hand over your scales voluntarily?
  • The Maker did not allow you to enter this world!
  • I will cut out your black heart and hold it into the Light!
  • It goes for Dragons, too, that pride comes before the fall!

Attacking Lizardmen

  • Do your limbs grow back when they get cut off?
  • Be sucked into the bog!
  • Don't bother me, Lizard!
  • Back into the mud!

Attacking Du'Rach

  • I won't tremble before you, sandman!
  • Give my regards to your ancestors!
  • The desert thirsts for your blood!
  • Your forefathers are calling you!
  • Back into the sands!
  • Damn sand creature!
  • Die desert mutant!
  • You are so weak!

Attacking Blood Dryads

  • Those who stand in the Seraphim's way will die!
  • You have left the right path, Elven descendant!
  • For you, everything comes full circle now...
  • Nature is only one side of the balance!
  • We had great hopes for you Dryads...
  • Your blood will also be shed, Dryad!
  • You stand on the wrong side, Dryad!
  • Return to those woods of yours!

Attacking Temple Guardians

  • You are nothing but a pile of junk now, Guardian!
  • The Maker should have never appointed you!
  • I will take care of your malfunction, Guard!
  • I will destroy you, soulless machine!
  • Stand still, mechanical servant!

Arriving in a Town

  • A village like this should be a place of peace, and to make sure it stays that way, I will take care of the people's worries!
  • Time seems to be standing still in those small villages. I wonder whether they will withstand the changes of the world.
  • I do like those small villages where people peacefully see to their business, unaware of the larger world's turmoil...
  • Sometimes I wish I could settle down in a small place like this one...
  • I wonder whether the people in this place still remember Seraphim
  • Let's see whether the people of this city still worship the Gods
  • I enter this city as a representative of the Maker himself!
  • I'm sure the simple folk in this village here need my help
  • A big city... Many people, many tasks!
  • Another place in need of my help.
  • This village seems peaceful.
  • A nice little place this is.


  • What was Sophia thinking when she sent me into the world? It's always been quite nice with the Seraphim. Okay, sometimes it's been kinda boring. But basically, it's been... Well, as I said, quite nice. At least better than just standing around gaping.
  • What's taking so long, what's taking so long... What am I supposed to do? Count flower petals? Well, all right, he'll continue playing in a minute. He won't. He'll continue playing in a minute. He won't...
  • They left me alone in this world, completely at the mercy of even the lowest monster... How thoughtless... Maybe I should dispose of some things from the inventory... Let's see how they'll like that...
  • Some exercise would do me good. This doing nothing is poison to my figure. Just standing around won't make you sexy and slim. Clobbering a couple of monsters, that would be nice... <sighs>
  • Silence. Nothing happens. I'll just stand here. I won't move an inch. I'll just focus on myself. I'll become one with the world. We are one. I am who I am.
  • I wanna do something! Something nice. Like solving puzzles, or sending a few demons to hell or just meeting some friends...
  • The Great Maker has left. But he'll be back. He'll definitively be back some day... for sure... I hope...
  • This is not a drill. This is the apocalypse. Please stay calm and exit the building. Thank you.
  • I am a Seraphim, a creature of the Light! But sometimes I just feel like beating up somebody...
  • I've got time... I've spent centuries waiting, an hour more or less doesn't matter to me...
  • Maker, where are thou? Where is the guiding hand that brings peace to this world?
  • I can actually see the grass grow! I can't believe how good I am!
  • Standing around here doesn't do me any good...