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Seriefa is a talanted Dryad Shaman and a gifted clairvoyant. Once she used her powers in battles, but nowadays she doesn't wander around the lands of Ancaria anymore. She settled down in Na'Fian, the biggest inhabited place in the Jungle. Her friends and brother-in-arms - Turok the Orc, Nemaya the Dryad ranger and Failitia the Seraphim - live somewhere in this region too. But their retirement wasn't as quiet as they expected... Some mysterious crimes take place in the Jungle last days, and people blame these misdeeds on Failitia. Since Seriefa was Failitia's close friend all the time, she is sure that the Seraphim is innocent. Now she wants to help Failitia to recover her good name.




  • She doesn't appear until you accept the quest she is involved in.