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Shadow Warrior (Beginners), Dual Wield - Grim Resilience/Reflective Emanation


Shadow Warrior (Beginners)

This is a quick guide for new players starting a shadow warrior. I will go thru the first 20 levels. Listing which skills should be taken to start a nice Dual Wielding, Grim Resilience/Reflective Emanation buffed Shadow Warrior. This will give you good DPS on solo and group mobs and Survivability thru your buffs.

    • NOTE** A lot of the information I use to write this is taken from my game experience, but at the same time I did lots of reading on this forum and learned some good information from the PC users who post here. Thank you Dark Matters forum members for all your help and providing the XBOX360 and PS3 users your wisdom on everything Sacred 2.

Skill Selection: Level 02 – Learn Tactics Lore, Tactics Lore (1 pt)

  • Learning a new skill will not cost you a point. It starts at level 1, then you put another point into it.*

Level 03 – Learn Armor Lore, Tactics Lore (1 pt) Level 04 – Tactics Lore (1 pt) Level 05 – Tactics Lore (1 pt), Learn Dual Wield, Dual Wield (1 pt) Level 06 – Dual Wield (2 pts) Level 07 – Tactics Lore (1 pt), Dual Wield (1 pt) Level 08 – Learn Death Warrior Focus, Death Warrior Focus (2 pts) Level 09 – Death Warrior Focus (2 pts) Level 10 – Tactics Lore (1 pt), Dual Wield (1 pt) Level 11 – Tactics Lore (1 pt), Dual Wield (1 pt) Level 12 – Learn Concentration, Tactics Lore (1 pt), Dual Wield (2 pts) Level 13 – Tactics Lore (1 pt), Dual Wield (1 pt), Armor Lore (1 pt) Level 14 – Armor Lore (3 pts) Level 15 – Tactics Lore (2 pts), Dual Wield (1 pt) Level 16 – Tactics Lore (1 pt), Dual Wield (2 pts) Level 17 – Tactics Lore (2 pts), Dual Wield (1 pt) Level 18 – Learn Malevolent Champion Focus, Malevolent Champion Focus (3 pts) Level 19 – Malevolent Champion Focus (1 pt), Death Warrior Focus (1 pt), Dual Wield (1 pt) Level 20 – Malevolent Champion Focus (2 pts), Death Warrior Focus (1 pt)

Skill at Level 20 (hard points): Tactics Lore: 15 Dual Wield: 15 Death Warrior Focus: 7 Malevolent Champion Focus: 7 Armor Lore: 5 Concentration: 1

You will have 4 more skills to pick as you level up. You can go any direction from here, picking up some offensive, defensive or even some general skills if you wish. The basic skills are already taken and will provide a good foundation for future skills.

Basic Combat Arts needed to get started: Demonic Blow (1 rune only) Combo with SS +MOD+ Wounding > Poisoning > Trauma Scything Sweep (1 rune only) Combo with DB +MOD+ Force > Intent > Rage Grim Resilience [Buff 1] (read as many runes with out hitting the Death Warrior Focus penalty) +MOD+ Rejuvenation > (“user preference”) > Safeguard Frenzied Rampage (1 rune only) (Keep alone or use in Combo slot by it self) +MOD+ Double Attack > Double Strike > Envenom Reflective Emanation [Buff 2] (read as many runes with out hitting the Malevolent Champion Focus penalty) +MOD+ Backlash > Anti Magic > Riposte

Other useful Combat Arts combos: Rousing Command + Killing Spree combo Regen time – about 60+ seconds Augmenting Guidon + Skeletal Fortification “Bone Tower” combo Regen time – about 22 to 30 seconds

  • read as many runes of each as you wish, pay attention to the regen times!!!

Fighting Use Grim Resilience buff as soon as you get it, and when you reach level 12 put on Reflective Emanation. Keep both of them up. Alternate attacks between DB+SS combo and Frenzied Rampage, both work great vs single or group of mobs. FR deals a string of attacks and has a much longer animation than the DB+SS combo. Once FR is triggered it will keep on attacking the same target until it dies then move on to the next target in range (sometimes this range is pretty long!). With high Tactics and Dual Wield most mobs take 1 or 2 hits, which will easily kill off multiple mobs during just one cast of FR. It works great as AOE only if you hit hard enough to kill quickly. DB+SS combine a very strong single target attack and add a standard AOE attack to it. The AOE for this combo is different than FR because the damage is dealt instantly to all. So if you have 3 mobs, they all get hit at same time, while FR alternates between them. Also FR will look for target all around the character while the DB+SS combo sometimes only hit targets in front of the character. Try to equip 1 or 2 items with the life leech bonus; this in combination with your Grim Resilience buff will save you many potions. Since at low levels there are very few +all skill items, I just socket everything (weapons and armor) with blacksmith “whet”. They add +dmg% and +attack%. This will give high damage and very accurate attacks. As you find better rings/amulets socket them instead… but whets will do just fine at low levels.

Good luck and I hope this helps a few Shadow Warriors out there!


Originally published at DarkMattersfor review and discussion.

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