Sacred 2:Shadow Warrior - Duel Wield Build By wraithking, Level 200 based

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Shadow Warrior - Duel Wield Build By wraithking, Level 200 based

By wraithking

Ok here's my Shadow Warrior build that I took to level 200, this is based on/by the time you reach lvl200


Vitality - 30 % Strength - 70 %


Dual Wield

Tactics Lore


Death Warrior Focus

Malevolent Champion Focus

Armor Lore


Combat Discipline

Astral Lord Focus

Any skill points left over divide between marked with *


Scything Sweep


Frenzied Rampage

-mods-double attack/double strike/vampire

Reflective Emanation


Grim Resilience


Spectral Hand

-mods-clout/intent/double attack


  • Frenzied Rampage/Scything Sweep (mobs)
  • Frenzied Rampage/Scything Sweep/Demonic Blow (bosses)
  • Spectral Hand (pesky single/caster enemies)


Grim Resilience/Reflective Emanation (on constantly)

Extra Information

  • Combos - You could add in Demonic Blow for bosses into the fr/ss combo
  • If you use the chestplate of solitaire it gives bonuses to all ca's,-xx% to regen and +xx% to cast speed
  • Add as much of these item mods-Chance that opponents cannot evade attacks +X%/Opponent level for death blow +X% /
  • All Combat Arts +X/All Skills +X and any lifeleech too because it's unblockable/extra damage/+xx% to damage

That's basically it, a good standard solid build.

Originally published at DarkMattersfor review and discussion.

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