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Voiced by: Jeff Morrow

Attacking a unit

  • Would you look at that, resistance!
  • How do you like the taste of that?
  • I will grant you a quick death!
  • You should have fled my aura...
  • You're brave from a distance!
  • Defend yourself coward!
  • Wretched scum!
  • Does that hurt?
  • Feel the pain!
  • Take that!
  • You can't avoid it!
  • Deliver yourself up to death!
  • This is what i called fighting!

Fleeing Enemies

Light Campaign
  • There is no escaping death!
  • I despise cowards like you!
  • You can't escape your own shadow!
  • Even dead,i have more honor than you!
  • Can't you see that i'm your fate?
  • Escape attempts are futile!
  • Prepare to fight,coward!
  • You have no honor!
Shadow Campaign
  • Fleeing won't do you any good, I have connections to the underworld...
  • Go ahead, run. I will still rip your beating heart from your chest!
  • Don't run off, I'm not done playing with you yet!
  • Your grave has already been dug, you rat!
  • A maggot has more courage than you!
  • That's right, run, you pathetic mortal!
  • Run, run, run, run, runaway...
  • Was it because of my bad breath?''

Killing a unit

Light Campaign
  • Now tell me,how do you like being dead?
  • Your death is of no importance to me!
  • Your entrails are soiling my weapon!
  • I love the smell of warm blood!
  • The ranks are thinning out!
  • I'll grant you a new perspective!
  • Thanks for giving blood!
  • Was that really so hard?
  • Don't bother getting up!
  • Into the shadows you go
  • Your death was inevitable!
  • You know how to die
  • Accept your death!
  • Time to die!
Shadow Campaign
  • A new tombstone for the unknown NPC
  • My blades are dripping with blood!
  • I'm taking revenge on the world!
  • Trust me,death isn't that bad...
  • Your ancestors are waiting...
  • There can be only one!
  • That's the end of that!
  • Death becomes you!
  • I love this massacre!
  • Death to the living!
  • What a great feeling!
  • I spit in your face!
  • What a great exit!
  • I want blood!
  • Game over!
  • Vengeance!
  • No Mercy!
  • Last stop!
  • The End!

Receiving damage

  • You'll help me raise my experience bar!
  • Is that all you got? Come on again!
  • You want to kill a fallen soldier?
  • Don't forget,I'm already dead!
  • I hope I got my shot for that...
  • I'm still standing, weakling!
  • Give me more, you meathead!
  • You can't defeat me!
  • Don't do that again!
  • Now it's my turn.
  • Give me more!

Light Campaign

  • Whoever attacks me,will die!
  • Would you look at that, resistance!
  • Yes, fight for your life!
  • I didn't even feel that!
  • Didn't they teach you anything?
  • Who's in charge here?
  • I will grant your request!
  • I feel no pain!
  • Just a scratch!
  • Don't bug me!

Shadow Campaign

  • You will have defeated me when my head comes away from my neck!
  • If you want to fight, you have to know how to die!
  • You shouldn't mess with him!
  • I'm laughing myself to death!
  • My immortal life is painful!
  • That doesn't kill me!
  • You want to kill me?
  • Give me more pain!
  • I am immortal!
  • Not bad!

Attacking Humans

  • You have no more appointments today!
  • Never cross a Revenant's path,human!
  • Gods! I am sending you a human!
  • Don't get in a dead man's way!
  • Mind your own business,human!
  • Human or not you must die!
  • Fear the Shadow human!
  • Last stop mortal!
  • I can't spare you
  • ! I have a new apartment for you, Human. Six feet under the ground floor...
  • ! With a little more training, you might have survived Human!
  • ! I was Human, but now I'm a Shadow Warrior, so die!
  • ! Human or Elf, we all must die!

Attacking Orcs

  • You should have never crawled out of your cave Orc!
  • I come back from the shadows to get you Orc!
  • How do you like the taste of my blade Orc?
  • You met your master now,Orc fighter!
  • Orc blood is going to flow now...
  • You have nothing to gain,Orc...
  • Are Orcs afraid of Shadows?
  • No Orc can beat the dead!
  • Discipline is key Orc!

Attacking Dragons

  • Gobbi or Dragon, it's your death that really matters!
  • Thanks in advance for your scales!
  • Even Dragons can't defeat me!
  • This will be your last breath!

Attacking Du'Rach

  • I'll stick your head in the sand forever!
  • I have no time for you Sandman!
  • Eat Sand! Creature!
  • Too slow Sandman!

Attacking Goblins

  • Your tactics are brilliant, brainless horde!
  • I am going to wipe out your tribe Gobbi!
  • Follow me to certain death, Green Skin!
  • Come back when you are all grown up!
  • Get into the shadows, you little rat!
  • ! Stop Gobbi! Your head is mine!
  • ! Your tactics are brilliant, brainless horde!
  • ! Follow me to certain death, Green Skin!
  • ! Get out of my way,you pest!
  • ! Is it goblin harvesting time again?

Attacking Undead

  • The dogs will have some fresh meat soon!
  • All that remains is the dust in the wind
  • Don't you recognize your brother?
  • Didn't we meet in the underworld?
  • Try and die with honor this time!
  • You'll never come back,undead!
  • Your second death is approaching!
  • I share your fate,corpse!
  • Obey or die!

Attacking Kobolds

  • Did someone order one hundred kilograms ground Kobold?
  • I'm a warrior so don't bother me Kobold!
  • I have one thing to say: chop-o-matic!
  • You annoying little creatures!
  • Come in my shadow Kobolds
  • Seven in one fell swoop!
  • Get lost! You jokes!
  • 10 little Kobolds...
  • I'll be there soon
  • Pushy Gnome!

Attacking Wolf Riders

  • I've picked everyone out of their saddle.
  • I'll have a saddle to sell soon...
  • You should have fled Rider!
  • First your horse,then you!
  • Come here rider!

Attacking Wild Animals

  • It is not honorable to kill creatures like you but you force my hand!
  • Your fur has to be good for something
  • I don't brake for rabid animals!
  • Hunting season is open again!
  • Get out of my way animal!
  • This is not your territory!
  • Begone animal!
  • Rabid beast!
  • Cretin!

Attacking T-Mutants

  • I am familiar with the power of T-Energy
  • The energy shows me the way to death!
  • I have to break T-Energy's power
  • 1000 volts and still no light...
  • Desist mutant!

Attacking Demons

  • I am sending you back to the Underworld!
  • In life i feared you but not in Death!
  • Say hi to your maker for me,Demon!
  • I am from the shadows myself!
  • What do you want,Demon?
  • I live beyond fear,Demon!

Attacking Ghosts/Energy

  • It will all be over soon,you poor wretched soul!
  • Keep me accompany in the shadows,Ghost!
  • I am going to suck up your energy!
  • Witching hour is over!
  • A ghost? How awful!

Attacking Monsters

  • Back to the abyss, creature!
  • Get away from me, monster!
  • Monsters have one purpose,so give me the experience points!

Attacking Blood Dryads

  • I never really cared for nature...
  • I'll cut you down like a little tree, Dryad!
  • No mercy for Dryads, I learned that in my earlier days!
  • Your an endangered species Dryads...
  • No mercy, and no time for nature.
  • Resistance is futile, tree-elf!
  • Don't mess with me, tree-climber!
  • Time to call it a day, tree-hugger!

Attacking Temple Guardians

  • Hey, shall I set you up with that pink fluffy bunny? Then you kids can share a battery at the drugstore!
  • I hope your buyer still has their receipt, so they can exchange you...
  • There'll be nothing left of you soon but a scrap heap!
  • Metal with no common sense and intellect...
  • You make a nice suit of armor, scrap pile!
  • I thought collecting old metal was out?
  • Let's see what you've got, machine!
  • No machine can stop me!

Attacking Stronger Enemies

Light Campaign
  • This opponent seems to be well-trained...
  • These guys are tough nuts to crack... I should exercise caution!
  • I mustn't underestimate this opponent!
  • I'm in awe! These guys really know their trade!
Shadow Campaign
  • I should figure out some good tactics for these opponents...
  • Don't underestimate these opponents!
  • These guys are not amateurs!
  • I respect these opponents!

Arriving in a town

Light Campaign

  • It's always the same: Villagers complaining about their inconsequential problems...
  • I used to protect or wipe out villages, depending on my orders.
  • A village...Maybe I can find answers to my questions here...
  • Towns mean to me wine, women and more wine...
  • Where there's a village, there are merchants
  • Hello Town! Here comes your surprise guest
  • Let's see what tourist attractions this town has to offer...
  • I've been in this town many times before...
  • Ah, another town, finally!
  • Another village...

Shadow Campaign

  • In the villages, I will be able to devote more time to my hobbies: murder and manslaughter!
  • Maybe I'll unveil myself in this village, and deliver them all from their mortal existence!
  • Lets see if we can find some fun in this town - fun for me anyway. Ha-ha!
  • I wonder if one of the undead is trying to draw the peasants' attention?
  • I'm already looking forward to the slaves and farmers screams of agony!
  • I hope there's an arena in this town, I need to get some practice...
  • Seeing these villagers in agony is simply...exhilarating!
  • Soon this town will lie in ruins. My time will come!

Stepping on T-Energy Bog

This energy - it is trying to take possession of me!
Even my undead body sustains damage here!
If I stay for too long I will die!

Inventory Overload

  • I have reached my maximum transport capacity!
  • You call this traveling light?
  • I have no place to put this!
  • I am too heavily laden!
  • I can't pack this anywhere...
  • I don't have my duffel bag with me...
  • Another useless object?
  • This is too much baggage!
  • More useless stuff!

Near Death

  • I'm still alive here!
  • Heal me, quick!
  • Health potion!


Ha-ha, I'm the Barbarian...ahh. Ha-ha I'm the Gladiator, ha-ha I'm the Undead! Now I've got it! Ha-ha I'm the Shadow Warrior!
Let's see...AFK is the three letter acronym for "away from keyboard", and is usually used for...oh, never mind.
If you wait a little longer, maybe a meteor will come along and take care of everything.
Standing around isn't good for your circulation. Not that I have any...
Let me know when you want to play again,i am going to take a nap.
Hey you! Getting old is inevitable, but stopping play is optional.
Now i'll have to wait until my player returns to the land of living...
I am a shame to myself! I am a Warrior damn it!
Some things just take a really long time...
Some people have died out of sheer boredom...
Sure, go AFK. I'll wait.
It's kind of nice here
Yeah, yeah. You let me stand around here, so you can listen to all my cool comments. Am I right, or am I right?
One little Orc in the forest all alone, along came a Shadow Warrior and then there were none
It's always the same...They can't install it fast enough, but then they go AFK
A player with lag. That's what I call ground breaking technology!
Elves...My hatred for them increases with every idle minute!
I don't want to rush you, but the store closes at 7 p.m.
Hello? The population isn't going to control itself!
You have have forgotten me!
I should move on, this is just boring slaughter!
Did somebody say "gladiator"?
Well, well...


  • Time to die,man of God! while fighting cultists
  • Come and fight! Man to Man! - Attacking a ranged unit

Special Thanks to
gogoblender for suggesting us to credit Voice Actors and Actresses
PowerPyxel for providing the complete list of Sacred 2 Voice Actors
Flix for supplying us with the text file of every character